Community Council (in-person!) meeting summary 2022-10-29 - Council member governance domains

(this post’s title has been updated to state that this meeting defined the Community Council’s internal governance domains)

Dear GOSH Community Forum,

Super exciting to see so many of you at the GOSH Gathering 2022 in Panama last week, many thanks to previous Community Council members @mariafrangos and @hikinghack and all the organisers for bringing this incredible gathering to fruition! :hearts: :hearts:

Six member of the current 2022-2023 Community Council were in Panama and we had our first ever in-person meeting. Below is a summary of the GOSH Community Council meeting at 09:30 UTC-5 on Saturday, 29 October 2022. As always, feedback is appreciated!

:loudspeaker: GOSH Community Council meeting summary 2022-10-29

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Agenda item: Community Council governance domains planning

Just before the first Community Council (2021-2022), the previous Governance Working Group produced a document outlining the possible governance domains of the Council. During 2021-2022 we were busy preparing for the Gathering in Panama and administering the funding for the Regional Event and Collaborative Development grants.

Today, we revisited the governance domains and went through a facilitated workshop by @briannaljohns to refine them and distribute the responsibility.

Also, it has been difficult to find meeting times for all seven Community Council members + @briannaljohns, so by splitting up the tasks we can meet in smaller groups and reconvene less frequently which might make scheduling easier.

Here are the domains and who’s leading them:

  • Management (programming) @biomakers_lab and @Harold: design community input processes for funding; and managing grants/program management once funding has been secured for the community.
  • Management (listening) @hpy and @lizbarry: creating consultation process(es) for managing big decisions.
  • Management (admin) @lizbarry and @hpy: Take care of official documents like the GOSH Manifesto, upcoming Constitution, etc.
  • Community Support @briannaljohns and @laola: Community management, handling infrastructure issues and requests from community; maintaining brand/logo/assets.
  • Communications @laola and @valerian with @briannaljohns: Website, email addresses, external communications, social media, newsletter, Element chat group(s), etc.
  • Gatherings/Events @valerian and @Harold with @laola: Organise future global and local Gatherings.
  • Roadmap @thomasmboa: Update the GOSH Roadmap and prioritise actions related to it.
  • Funding: (we’d like to confirm with the board of the US-based non-profit their support in managing financial resources, accounting, etc.)

Some photos:

We also discussed:

  • The GOSH Code of Conduct (please participate in this thread!), which we will continue to work on this separately from the domains above until at least we come up with a finalised version with the wider community.
  • The potential future of GOSH being more formally becoming an organisation such as a co-operative with what the Council is today as a board that’s regularly elected.

That’s all folks! Hope to see you around the forums and at the next Gathering!

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P.S. Summaries from previous two meetings are here (2022-10-17) and here (2022-09-15).