Get Paid! Help figure out how GOSH hold power together

Dear GOSH Community,

Thanks to OSHF, this is potentially a funded opportunity (ask for details!):
We are seeking people who want to work closely with us, the Governance Group of the Council @hpy and @lizbarry, to advance specific sections of the Constitution. Please write a reply to this post or DM us directly via this message thread.

In the first quarter of 2022, the Council worked on listening through interviews and surveys in four langauges to hear what the community thought about the prior election. Based on what we learned from you, we succussfully conducted an election in mid-2022 producing the Community Council of today.

GOSH Community Council table at GOSH 2022

Also, when we met in Panama in October 2022, the Community Council held time and space where we had in-depth conversations with 20 of you on how we make decisions together and how to govern this wonderful community. Here are the slides we presented on what we heard from you that week: 2022 GOSH Gathering: Council Presentation - Google Slides

NOW, as has been posted on the forum several times (such as here, here, here, here, and here), @lizbarry and @hpy - as members of the relevant governance domain within the GOSH Community Council - are once again seeking your help on enacting our community Constitution. Specifically, we hope to get your thoughts on various parts of this Constitution.

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Things to work on:

Your experiences and thoughts desired on the following!

  • Elections — this part is up and running already, see 2022 Governance Plan
    • Adjusting number and quotas for seats (representation by demographics, region)
    • Definition of a GOSH community member in terms of voter eligibility
    • Requiring a retro/post-mortem to be done well in advance of the next election
  • Set up community-wide decision-making, like a referendum, which would be required for big decisions like installing a Constitution:
    • What types of decisions would require a referendum?
    • What amounts of community participation would be valid?
    • How can the community set the agenda for what should go to referendum?
  • Relationships with other organizations across the world, e.g. OSHF or OSEG (Open Source Ecology Germany)
    • How to initiate
    • Nature of the relationship
    • How to formalize it
    • What is the term of the relationship, and when does it get revisited?
  • Internal Council process (quorum for decisions, mode of reasoning, sync/async, etc)
    • Term limits for council people
    • Defining working groups, Council-backed, ad hoc, etc.
    • Developing role of councilors as coordinators of Council-backed Working Groups
    • Figure out if the Council person role should/could be a paid role
  • Anything else?

What should YOU do?

Please respond to this thread with any of your thoughts and feedback.

ALSO, if you have the skills/knowledge/experience and are willing to help, please respond here or in this message thread to the Council to work closely with @lizbarry and @hpy and take on the detailed development of one or more of these sections. Thanks to OSHF, there is funding available (ask for details!)!


Thanks @lizbarry!

@briannaljohns: Is there a way to cross-reference/cross-post this under the governance category?

Thank you @lizbarry and @hpy for all the great work you are doing for the community! :tada:

@hpy the way that discourse is set up, this post can only be listed under one category - either this one (general) or the governance one.


Thanks @lizbarry and @hpy for the excellent work you are doing for the community. I would like to contribute as well, using my experience and knowledge in collective intelligence. I would like to connect to know more details h]and how I can contrinute.


Great to hear from you @akorede ! @hpy Pen and I will reach out to set up a call/chat to discuss further.


@lizbarry for your quick response.

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@lizbarry @hpy it would be a pleasure to contribute to this great initiative. I have previously been engaged in policy research work with have been of immense benefit to under represented groups in my community.

My vast experience in Collective research (academic and industry) would be immense benefit to the aforementioned subject.

I kindly await your response to see if I can be part of your team.

@lizbarry @hpy


Great to hear from you @Suleiman01 ! @hpy Pen and I will reach out to set up a call/chat to discuss further.

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Thank you so much.

I wait your call for further discuss

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@hpy and @lizbarry I would like to share my ideas by working with the Governance Group of the council

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Great to hear from you @Ebuka ! @hpy Pen and I will reach out to set up a call/chat to discuss further.

Is there an opportunity to volunteer with the team on this? Or you need just experienced people.

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Hi @lizbarry and @hpy if you still have room, please consider me

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@lizbarry and @lizbarry I would be interested to contribute to this.

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Hi @jay_ozone, @karl, and @Frank_AfricaOSH , great to hear from you! @hpy and I will be in touch.

Dear friends,

If you’re still taking in names, I’d like to step forward too!

Best Wishes,

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Thank you @Haris, we are and will reach out!


If you’re still open to names, I would love to contribute to this too!

Sakti Subramanian

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Thank you @SynBio101, we are and will reach out!

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