2 of 3: What are representatives anyways? "Who are we?" (i.e. who are the Community Council members?)

Here’s the second of my three governance posts. This one tackles the question: “what did we elect Councilpeople to do?”

In July 2021, I created a slide deck of the types of action that candidates said or wrote in their candidate statements that they would do if elected:

  • Representing — speaking personally for a specific sector, such as geography or other identity.
    Sounds like: “I will represent X (for example: ReGOSH, AfricaOSH)”
  • Judging — deciding for the community on complex topics.
    Sounds like: “I will decide on X (for example: the logo)”
  • Listening — helping the entire community tackle complex topics.
    Sounds like: “I will find out what the community knows, wants, or is concerned about X (for example, the boundaries of membership, drafting or changing a Constitution)”
  • Coordinating — helping GOSH’s do-ocracy be more functional.
    Sounds like: “I will improve hand-offs between Working Groups”

It is likely that opinions vary widely on the question “what did we elect Councilpeople to do?” I hope that parsing out these types of action will help us talk to each other about what we want for GOSH governance. And it already has: in discussion with Pen earlier today, he put into words what the Councilpeople have primarily been doing since being elected in 2021:

  • Providing a skill set — managing projects, executing tasks.

Not to say that the first set of four types of action don’t also require skills, but rather that the first year of the Council has been dedicated to rolling out Sloan Fdn funded programs.

What do you think?