3 of 3: "What do we do?" Discussion of domains for each element. This will cover "what types of work happen where"

This is the third of my three governance posts. Spoiler alert, I hope these get us warmed up for writing a Constitution together!

OK, so, some of the entities I described previously have specific domains over which they have authority. Whether formally or informally, there are some areas where certain groups take action (perform work, make decisions) on behalf of the entire GOSH community. Here is a short and incomplete list designed to inspire discussion:

  • Community Council: when the Council came in, we were given this set of domains by the previous Governance Working Group. FORMAL

  • Working Groups that are backed by the Council: The Council created this type of Working Group to share the authority given to it to decide on the distribution of funding or other resources (via Panels of Reviewers) with the broader GOSH community. Examples: Collaborative Development Working Groups, and the Regional Funding Working Group. Each of these Working Groups is coordinated by a Councilmember and is open to GOSH Community members. FORMAL

  • Working Groups: Classic GOSH Working Groups! These are ad hoc, which means open to anyone and shaped by what contributors want to contribute. The core of GOSH’s do-ocracy! Domains can organically shift, groups may go dormant, and (from the time before the Community Council was elected) when decisions “for all GOSH” come up, often work would stall. INFORMAL

  • Regional Groups: Geographically specific, these groups are microcosms of Global GOSH in that they advocate for the same aims, undertake similar types of work in outreach, maintaining the flow of communications on a regionally specific platform, organizing events, affiliating with charities to raise money. FORMAL and INFORMAL

  • GOSH community: All of us. To date, the community has worked creatively and collaboratively to co-develop statements and documents, launching once rough consensus is reached. Currently the Council is exploring how the GOSH community might use formal / binding decision-making tools like a ballot referendum so that important topics are held by all. INFORMAL although the subset of the GOSH Community that are GOSH Voters is FORMAL.

  • External charities: Groups that provide services or funding to GOSH in amounts significant enough to formalize their relationship with the GOSH community. To date, external charities like this have pursued funding and written project plans on behalf of GOSH. For example, in 2021, resources and plans obtained by GOSH, Inc have been handed to the Community Council to execute. While this is going on, charities continue to provide ethical and administrative oversight as well as serve as points of contact with the funders. Up next, the Community Council is working on creating guidelines for how new charities may affiliate with GOSH! INFORMAL, although as soon as the GOSH Community Council can draft an Memorandum of Understanding with GOSH, Inc, this relationship will become FORMAL

What do you think about what types or decisions are made by whom? Let’s take it up in the comments!