Community governance & knowledge base documents from 2i2c

In continuation of past posts, such as this one and this one about a curated collection of community governance documents, I recently saw another cool one by the 2i2c community.

2i2c is a community project developing and hosting open source research computing resources. For example, hosting Jupyter notebooks for literate programming and data science.

Anyway, I just discovered that they have a “Team Compass” which basically looks like a community constitution:

As you can see, it also serves as their community knowledge base (ping my GOSH knowledge management thread).

This Team Compass has sections on:

  • Organisation
  • Team operations
  • People
  • Open source strategy
  • Finance and accounting
  • Communication and outreach
  • Administration
  • [and other things…]

They also have a blog that explains some of their community management principles, such as this one on “Principles and considerations for ethically accepting funding for Open Source”:

:yum: So much yummy stuff for those interested in governance, or those of us here working on our community constitution.

Ugh I just don’t have time to read everything in there, but I happen to know one of the co-founders of 2i2c, who is now a steering committee member and part of their Community Guidance and Partnerships Team. If we have questions, maybe I can pose it to them.

ping: @lizbarry