The GOSH Constitution table is still open here for YOUR input!

Dear GOSH Community,

:point_right: tl;dr short summary: The GOSH Community Council is still seeking your input on creating the GOSH Constitution. Feel free to respond to this thread and continue the conversation!

For those of you who were at the recent Gathering in Panama, you’d know that the GOSH Community Council set up a table for the whole week listening to your input on community governance and developing a GOSH Constitution. Some questions we asked of you were:

  • How have you previously experienced group decision-making?
  • “How should we be organized internally?”
  • “How do we relate to external people, networks, orgs?”
  • “How do we work together towards our goal of making open science hardware ubiquitous by 2025?”

:smiley: The Gathering in Panama has ended, but not the table! We humbly invite your continued input here, whether it’s because you didn’t join us in Panama, or there’s more you’d like to share. So please respond with your thoughts.

We have been trying hard (see this original thread) to have a Constitution in place before the next Community Council election in mid-2023, so please help us help you to make our community work better!

BTW here are some photos from the GOSH 2022 Flickr album of what we did at the Gathering (let’s continue it here!):

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