Community Council meeting summary 2023-08-22

Dear GOSH Community Forum,

Below is a summary of the GOSH Community Council meeting at 14:00 UTC on 22 August 2023. As always, feedback is appreciated!

GOSH Community Council meeting summary 2023-07-06



  • @Harold and @laola reported on the GOSH gathering workshop that reflected on the last gathering and requested everyone’s opinion on what needs to be done for a GOSH gathering. ~15 people attended. From this, a Gathering Working Group will be convened by @briannaljohns . Related: see @hikinghack’s call for the next Dinacon to be coordinated with the next GOSH Gathering Dinacon 202X - Call for Hosts
  • Report from @hpy on the meeting with OSHF board, clarifications on what they are looking for in an agreement between GOSH Community Council and the OSHF. Related, see: GOSH agreement with the Open Science Hardware Foundation - what do YOU think?
  • @briannaljohns main priority for the next month is the election. Related, see yesterday’s announcement of candidates! Announcement of Candidates & Upcoming Community Meetings: 2023 GOSH Community Council Election
  • As we have previously posted, the constitution drafting and ratification was uncoupled from the election of councilors happening this Fall based on input from the working group (formed via this post) that the GOSH community:
    • did not want the Council to be able to install a constitution on its own without a community-wide decisionmaking process
    • wants a constitution that includes accountability, perhaps via a recall method, for elected councilors
    • wants a constitution that includes as its first line how the constitution can be changed
    • wants a group deliberation process similar to group writing processes preceding any sort of referendum, which is a type of formal community-wide direct decision-making method that can be customized for our community.
    • To deliver on these desired, see [Agenda item - Mandate for Constitution work](Community Council meeting summary 2023-08-22], below
  • @briannaljohns’ other projects include working with community members on the following projects / Working Groups (WGs)
    • Roadmap: planning coworking meetings to work together on roadmap actions
    • Ambassador Program WG is organizing ambassador program, we will be sharing more soon, so stay posted on the forum!
    • Gathering WG in the works, based on feedback from our most recent workshop. (See above update)
    • Still a small group of GOSHers working on a project directory for open science hardware projects
  • MISCELLANEOUS: @hpy highlighting that GOSH might learn about other supportive communities who are focused on microloaning around the world, an important non-grant type financial support for new businesses such as makerspaces starting up.

Agenda item - Mandate for Constitution work

This was passed today by all present, and is awaiting email response from remaining councilors.

  • The GOSH Community Council gives the group of people working on the Constitution a mandate to continue working on the Constitution.
  • UPDATE All Councilors have now approved a mandate to that group of people to continue working on the Constitution, including @hpy and @lizbarry who are concluding their terms on the Community Council in September 2023.

That’s all folks!

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P.S. Summaries from previous meetings are here .