Announcement of Candidates & Upcoming Community Meetings: 2023 GOSH Community Council Election

Hello everyone,

I am excited to announce that we have 10 candidates for this year’s GOSH Community Council Election! Below is a list of the candidates, in no particular order.

I look forward to learning more about the candidates in the coming weeks!

What’s Next?

Candidates will be free to communicate with and engage the GOSH community in any way they feel is appropriate. However, all candidates are expected to participate in specific common activities, including posting candidate position statements on the GOSH Forum and participating in a community meeting. Please note that all candidates must post a candidate statement on the forum (failure to do so results in disqualification) and are expected to attend at least one community meeting.

  1. Posting of candidate position statements: Candidates will be asked to draft a short position statement indicating why they are running for Community Council, their priorities for the community, and what they hope to achieve, along with a short bio. A basic template will be provided to candidates to encourage comparability of position statements. Position statements will be posted to a designated category on the GOSH forum, with community questions and comments enabled so that community members can offer feedback and pose questions. These statements do not have to be in English.
  2. Community meeting with candidates: Two community meetings are scheduled to allow live discussion between community members and candidates.

Upcoming community meetings with candidates

Two community meetings have been scheduled to allow live discussion between community members and candidates. They will take place on the following dates and times:

  • August 23rd at 13:00 UTC; Join via this link.
  • August 24th at 22:00 UTC; Join via this link.

Candidate statements will be recorded and posted on Youtube so that the community members who can’t attend can still watch your statement. These meetings are also available on the GOSH Calendar.

Just a reminder that the deadline for voter registration is August 28th. Register to vote here!

For more information on the GOSH 2023 Community Council Election process, check out the election landing page and the 2023 Election category on the forum.



what a fantastic group of folks!!! Thanks everyone for volunteering as candidates!


How encouraging that there are so many candidates! By way of getting to know you, I’d like to ask what OScH contribution have you made that you are most proud of? I mean the openness aspect, the science aspect or the hardware aspect.

I should introduce myself too! I’m a mechanical engineer by training but have branched into electronics and software. I’m most proud of my AUV project which although stalled, has some unique control features. I’m also working on passive acoustic monitoring equipment (which is not yet fully open source due mostly to laziness) that will be used in a dynamite fishing monitoring project.

Looking forward to the community meeting (c:


I’ll add the “community aspect” as one of these categories you might want to talk about!

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Yes it is! and it is covered by the candidate statement template. But hardware doesn’t get represented as much, and it is where the rubber meets the road.


ah dangggg, i think i just logged into the zoom an hour late because my timezone math was bad :frowning:
hope it was a good chat!

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or actually isn’t it 22:00 right now? let me know if im missing something, trying to go to the meeting if it is still going on

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Hi @hikinghack!

I realized this thread accidentally had the wrong time for the August 24th meeting. It should have said 21:00 UTC. Apologies for not catching this earlier!

I will share the recordings from the meetings shortly, and feel free to respond to any candidate statements with questions you have!

Thanks (and sorry again about that!)


ahhhh, ok, no prob birthday bud!