Dinacon 202X - Call for Hosts

Hi GOSHers!
Greetings from the Dinacon crew! It’s been a year since the amazing dinacon 2023 in Sri Lanka! We have successfully taken a well needed break, and are now starting to think about cool new places to host future dinacons!

If you haven’t heard much about dinacon before, it is an experimental unconference about FIELD BIOLOGY and DESIGN. Each dinacon takes place in an interesting place surrounded by cool nature. It’s a long-duration conference that lasts for 4-6 weeks with participants staying for at least one week. We have always worked with a cool local partner and help set up infrastructure for exploring the nearby nature. Dinacon 1 was in thailand with Tasneem and yannick setting up a cool sailboat field station, dinacon 2 was in Panama helping set up dinalab, dinacon 3 was in sri lanka building new infrastructure with dreamspace. Now we are thinking of cool places to do it at the earliest sometime next year in 2024.

If you are with a neat group in a place where people are studying interesting nearby nature and you would like to help host a dinacon please contact us!

Email us at info@dinacon.org

and send us the following information (even if you don’t have all this information, please make some kind of very basic estimate)

  • Nearby nature areas

  • facilities for work (and socializing)

  • nearby housing options

  • Approximate costs for

    • facility rental
    • human resources
    • documentation team
    • meals/cooking team
  • any photos you have of the area

  • and IMPORTANTLY, what the host group would like to have as a goal out of having a dinacon in or around their space

We have started talking with cool groups in many places around the world thanks to nice friends like @pte currently in indonesia!

One other thing, is that it has been a long-term dream of ours to run a dinacon in a place where a GOSH Gathering will be held. For instance, if we could have had a dinacon in Panama the month before Dinacon 2022 last year that would have been amazing! It would give many people an opportunity to do a kind of long-term residency in a place before a GOSH gathering convenes! and it would help “seed” a new gosh gathering with extra neat dinacon people! So that being said, if there are places that are also interested in hosting a GOSH gathering (or know of places nearby) that would be double amazing and definitely let us know!

more info about dinacon is here:

and all our past books are available free that share all the projects people made


I’d love to go to Africa (c:


I’d love to volunteer in case you need staff doing stuff.