Team intentions guiding the drafting of a community constitution

This summer, GOSH Community Members who are working on portions of the Constitution@goldjian @Frank_AfricaOSH @ginaleite @Karl @juul @akorede @marinappdf @Suleiman01 @moritz.maxeiner @Ebuka , coordinated by @hpy and myself, with support from @briannaljohns — set intentions for their work by developing core principles that should be ensconced within our Constitution, and articulating core threats that our Constitution should defend against. These can be understood as further articulations of the values framework in the GOSH Manifesto, and an umbrella :open_umbrella: for values contained in the Code of Conduct, a subdocument of this Constitution.

I’m sharing these principles and threats here as part of the effort to bring this team’s work on the Constitution into discussion with the entire community.

For those of you reading along, what would you add?
Do these ideas bring up any memories, feelings, or thoughts for you? Does anything resonate or remind you of previous experiences you have learned from?

Intentions guiding the drafting of our community constitution

Core principles

  • Fair, impartial judgment for infractions
  • Zero tolerance towards discrimination with respect to opportunities within the community
  • Freedom of association with members of the community
  • Respect for authority (such as council members) invested by the constitution
  • Balanced distribution of community resources with regard to geotechnological regions
  • Content should be specific - define boundaries
  • Durability - standing the test of time. It should not be easy to change. For instance, a two-thirds majority will be normally be required

Core threats

  • Any form of abuse / discrimination from one member to another
  • Distraction / Offtopic discussion from GOSH goals
  • Unserious / Bad attitude behavior by community members towards tasks delegated to them
  • Centralization of (political and economic) power. Loading all decision making power with one organ. While is it important to have different implementing bodies, we should be mindful when apportioning power to decision making organs of the community
  • Creating factions - no one group/person is mightier than the other. Endeavour to unite and balance opinions.
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