GOSH 2023 Election Candidate Statement: Ebuka Ezeike

This thread is for the candidate statement of the 2023 GOSH Community Council Election candidate Ebuka Ezeike (@Ebuka). Ebuka, you can reply to this post with your candidate statement. I have included the candidate statement template below for your reference:

2023 GOSH Community Council Election Candidate Statement Template

1. Candidate Name:

2. Please provide a short biography, and describe some of your participation and contributions in the GOSH community (approximately 3-5 sentences):

3. Please provide a position statement (approximately 3-5 sentences) indicating why you are running for Community Council, your priorities for the community, and what you hope to achieve:

4. Tell us how your experience, skills, and/or qualifications allow for effectively serving and governing communities (approximately 2-3 sentences):

5. Please detail which of the eight existing Community Council governance domain(s) you are interested in taking on (this does not have to be a firm commitment), plus what you would like to do within that domain(s). (approximately 2-3 sentences)

6. Please confirm that you are able and willing to participate in regularly scheduled council meetings at least twice a month.

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Candidate Name: Ebuka Ezeike

Short Biography: I am a Physicist from Anambra state in Nigeria. I currently work as a community manager for AfricArXiv, a community led digital archive which helps to promote research work from and about Africa.

I have participated regularly in the GOSH monthly community calls and have made some other contributions. These include, being a member of the team that worked on GOSH’s constitution and hosting a workshop promoting the use of Open Science Hardware in Nigeria as an awardee of the recent micro grants awards.

Position Statement: I am running for a position in the GOSH Community Council because I want to contribute my quota in promoting the use of open science hardware in regions where they are rarely used and beyond.

My priorities include, advancing the use of open science hardware, uniting members of the GOSH community regardless of age, race or sex, and promoting research in general through various projects.

My aim is to eventually have a great community of open science hardware enthusiasts that will help spread the maker and DIY movement.

Experience and Skills:

As a graduate of Physics and a community manager for AfricArXiv, an organization that promotes open science in research, I have a science background and I also have experience in managing communities. I will bring in all these experiences and skills in the management of the GOSH community.

Community Council governance domain(s): I would like to join the Gatherings/Events community council governance domain. This will give me the opportunity to help organize future and local gatherings for the community.

Council Meeting Participation: I hereby confirm that I will be able to participate regularly in scheduled council meetings at least twice a month.