Community council meeting summary 2022-09-15


  • Bri
  • Liz
  • Laura
  • Harold

We got through basically just the first agenda item, GOSH budgeting as requested by Jenny for talks with Sloan, including review of Wiki survey results.

We brainstormed and came up with funding categories that reflect the language used in the 2025 Roadmap i.e. Learn (= funding writing workshops etc), Support (= funding OScH projects in general), and Grow (= funding for regional in-person events, workshops, makerspaces).

There was a lot of discussion surrounding project funding (i.e. Support). This includes these Ideas from the Wiki survey:

  • Ubiquity and Ubiquity+ i.e. fund strategic projects to make them ubiquitous in their field (grouped as Support)
  • Regional Events (grouped as Grow)
  • Funding infrastructure (grouped as Grow)
  • Global event funding (grouped as its own category)
  • Intro science workshops (grouped as Grow)
  • Fund documentation (grouped as Support)
  • Collaborative Development Funding (grouped as Support)

Existing writing workshops grouped under Learn.

A couple of potential budgets were drafted with representative dollar values attached, based on the previous budget. This is for council review for the next meeting.

There was a question about how well CDF has performed so far in terms of outcomes. One of us will look into this question, as the answer will inform funding decisions.

The idea of project funding was riffed upon. It was generally assumed that Ubiquity(+) was a reasonable reinterpretation of the Roadmap, and this idea also took the form of having a (yearly?) GOSH flagship project that is collectively selected and which everyone gets behind and pushes towards ubiquity.

There was talk about how to allocate funding to each category. If we go with Ubiquity(+) in Support then the funding for it will subtract from Grow. An idea was to have mainly hydration projects under Grow, selecting only those that are easy to administer to, low dollar value, but high bang to buck.