Community Council meeting summary 2022-10-17

Dear GOSH Community Forum,

Thank you for your patience, in fact the Community Council has been meeting, sorry for the delayed forum updates!

Below is a summary of the GOSH Community Council meeting at 11:00 UTC on Monday, 17 October 2022. As always, feedback is appreciated!

GOSH Community Council meeting summary 2022-10-17


Panama Gathering updates

Agenda item - Wishlist for Sloan foundation funding

  • We just about wrapped up the discussion around re-approaching the Sloan foundation which has provided us with so much funding in the past.
  • We came up with some possible items to ask them to support, and will discuss with the board of the non-profit organisation which has so far received and held Sloan funding for the GOSH community.

That’s all folks!

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P.S. Summaries from previous two meetings are here (2022-09-15) and here (2022-09-02).