Community Council meeting summary 2022-08-18

GOSH Community Council Meeting 2022-08-18 for 90 minutes

2022-08-18 21:00 - 22:30 UTC


General Updates: focus on the Gathering

Today was a big report back meeting from the 7 people working on the Global Gathering in Panama. The energy is high on adrenaline! While this is more detail than we usually post in a summary, we think it is worth sharing to reveal just how valiantly these GOSHers are working — @laola reports:

Everything is underway! As the date approaches, the Encounter working group’s time has accelerated in intensity and dedication. We have completed the first round of travel and/or accommodation grants, with 15 participants from South America, Asia and Africa being awarded. General registration for the entire community along with the acceptance of the Covid plan finishes on August 19 (please submit yours if you have not already done so!), then we will begin the second round of travel and lodging funds, as we will have an estimate of what has been collected for registration fees and the volunteer sponsorship fee and what is available to add to the travel amounts. Unfortunately, due to the extensive due diligence time to get VISAS authorized for some countries in Africa, some successful applicants could not be benefited because the time for this procedure exceeded the dates of the Encounter. On the other hand, we were able to help manage the stamped visas for those required for other countries in Africa and Asia, with the help of a local lawyer in Panama. As always Bri has done an extraordinary job in the articulation of these processes between the different beneficiaries and the local fixer in Panama. We are also working on the agenda of the meeting and the creation of working subcommittees. At the same time we are generating the logistics and defining the activities that cannot be missed.

New ideas for the Gathering included:

  • Thomas: Add a dedicated place in the event for each region to show the diversity of each continent!
  • HPY: any organizers of Regional Events should demonstrate at GOSH Global Gathering.

Agenda Item:

Last year’s council warmly welcomed this year’s councilmembers!