Regional Events 2022 - Chance for lightning show & tell in Panama!

Hello everyone,

Really excited to read the updates from the regional events that were funded by GOSH this year in round 1 for $9910:

And round 2:

:loudspeaker: For those who plan to be at the Gathering in Panama, we cordially invite you to give a super quick 2-minute lightning talk to show and tell something cool from your event and/or a lesson you learned from your event or about the funding process this year! What worked well, what didn’t?

As you can see in the agenda, this will happen at 18:50 on day 1, 26 October 2022.

You are not required to present something, but we would love to hear from you so feel free to respond with any questions/comments/indications of interest. And please respond if you would like to present and we can chat!

Thanks, :mask: :mask: :mask: keep your facemasks on, and see you soon!

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Hi everyone,
I will be glad to share with you a brief summary of what happend at reGOSH Regional Event!
We are currently rushing to complete our documentation on the event, so I’ll soon share with you that as well.

See you soon!

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Thank you @pablocremades, it would be amazing to hear from reGOSH! As I’ve said in the OP above, it’ll happen at 18:50 on day 1. So let’s try to connect before that and make sure everything is set up for you to do your lightning round!

Would the people in Panama be interested to hear / see us remotely, LIVE from Yogyarta?


I know I would, @dusjagr! That said, I think the time difference would make it super late night/early morning for you? If the Internet connection is really good we could still try it.

Or a safer option would be for you to record a short few minutes video and we can play it back to everyone here. What do you think?