Regional Events 2022 - Please share updates in the forum!

Hello everyone,

Really excited by the regional events that were funded by GOSH this year in round 1 for $9910:

And round 2:

As announced in round 1 and round 2, all regional funding awardees should post pre- and post- event updates to the forum, so that the wider GOSH community can stay informed on your progress.

Some of these events have already posted at least one update on their progress. That’s great! And…

:wave: This is a reminder for all events to continue sharing updates in this forum

We’d love to know how your events are going! Thanks everyone. :hearts:


Working on the stikers now…


We had a successful first Just One Giant Summit on Friday 1 July 2022, bringing together speakers from academia, industry, and civil society, from organisations, labs, and groups around the world. The event was held online on the Gather.Town platform, allowing for increased interaction and engagement in a virtual environment.

We had a number of great tracks including Open Science Hardware, Africa regional. LATAM regional and one on opportunities and challenges of community laboratories.

Videos of the various tracks will soon be available. Preliminary feedback has been positive, and we’re looking forward to implement suggestions for improvement in future editions. We’ll compile a report on the summit and share with various stakeholders including the GOSH community.

Many thanks to GOSH and the community for not only supporting the summit financially but also actively collaborating and participating in a meaningful way. We appreciate GOSH and all our partners. Thank you! :pray:t5:


Thanks for the update @dusjagr and @gamelmag! I really enjoyed being a small part of Just One Giant Summit, and was interesting experiencing Gather.Town for the first time.

Glad that the regional events are happening, and hope there will be future opportunities like this.


We’re in the organisational phase of the event planned for Autumn 2022: contacting collaborators and mentors, preparing materials and tools.
We also drafted the graphic and prepared the area of the website to release documentation and various announcements

more news after summer break!


Very cool, really looking forward to how it goes @Zoe! Have a great (northern hemisphere) summer!


Hi everyone,
We are still organizing the two events (reGOSH residence + regional GOSH) taking place in Mendoza, in September. We already have the confirmation of our special guests, @jarancio and @gbathree. We have also a partial list of participants for the regional event.
Thank you for your support!