Community Council meeting summary 2022-06-30

(sorry a bit late with the update this time!)

Dear GOSH Community Forum,

Below is a summary of the GOSH Community Council meeting at 21:00 UTC on Thursday, 30 June 2022. As always, feedback is appreciated!

GOSH Community Council meeting summary 2022-06-30


General updates

  • Voting is OPEN for the GOSH Community Council 2022-2023, please vote!
  • Review of writing workshop proposals in progress.
  • @mariafrangos is preparing an onboarding event at the beginning of the GOSH 2022 Gathering in Panama, look for forum updates soon.
    • Preparing COVID-19 mitigation plan for the event.
  • For Regional Funding, all awardees please remember to post event updates to the forum!
  • Just One Giant Summit is happening tomorrow!

Agenda item 1 - Relationship between GOSH community and NGOs

  • Discussed relationship between the GOSH community and the GOSH non-profit. Updates coming soon-ish from @jcm80.
  • @hpy met with @Moe in Berlin to discuss a possible relationship between Open Source Ecology Germany (OSEG, which @Moe runs) and the GOSH community.
  • Sounds really positive, because OSEG could be a holder of funds for the GOSH community, similar to what the GOSH non-profit is doing right now.
  • More updates coming, but please give feedback on your thoughts about how the GOSH community can associate with NGOs.

Agenda item 2 - Role of @lizbarry on GOSH Community Council

That’s all folks!

Thank you everyone for voting in the Community Council election. The results have been announced here.

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P.S. Summaries from previous two meetings are here (2022-06-22) and here (2022-06-08).