Community Council meeting summary 2022-06-22

General updates

Health Check

  • Community Council Election - 62 registered voters so far! Up from 57 last year. Registration closes Friday, June 25, noon UTC

  • Writing Workshop - still waiting on review packets

  • Gathering Working Group - Liz did a skillshare of the Gathering format, background and inspiration at last WG meeting. Bri put together a budget and we talked about scholarship/funding. Started looking into SWAG for attendees.

  • Regional Funding - Not a lot of updates but we should remind awardees to engage with the forum and update everyone on the status of their events.

  • Collaborative Development - Round 2 should be announced in July. Invitation to funded projects to share updates in GOSH Forum - Only one project did. Thank you Pippeting bot

Community Manager

Community calls coming back in July, August, September

Agenda Item #1:

Discussion of Julian’s replacement on the council. We went through two rounds of discussion and landed on a good option but we will finalise this in the next council meeting.

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This seems to be a private document.

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Hi @kaspar! It should be open now. Thanks!

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Updates on the Collaborative Development - Paris Real-Time LAMP hardware residence are here.

And more details on the wiki GlobalLAMP-Paris - Hackteria Wiki