Community Council meeting summary 2022-06-08

Dear GOSH Community Forum,

Below is a summary of the GOSH Community Council meeting at 22:00 UTC on Wednesday, 8 June 2022. As always, feedback is appreciated!

Present: @briannaljohns (facilitator), @laola , @lizbarry (scribe), @hpy , @mariafrangos , @biomakers_lab , @hikinghack

General updates

  • :loudspeaker: :white_check_mark: EVERYONE: Please participate in the 2022 GOSH Community Council election!!! Register to vote before June 23. So far, only 45 of us have registered, stand up and be counted!

  • :tada: Candidate Nominations have concluded, we have 8 candidates so far! The final list of candidates will be shared on the forum this week, keep a lookout!

Heath Check:

  • GOSH Gathering Group reviewing how to emergently form an agenda and then run an event based upon it, see: A Brief User’s Guide to Open Space Technology | OpenSpaceWorld.ORG. NOTE: scroll down to see the bold text that is actually what the lead facilitator would say to help a group make their emergent agenda. On top of this, Public Lab created a light additional process to compensate for differentials in confidence / power among newcomers

Agenda item 1 - Find new meeting time

  • We generated two options:
    • Wednesdays 3pm UTC
    • Thursdays 9pm UTC
  • confirming with last Council member what will work for the LAST MONTH OF THE FIRST COUNCIL’S TERM :scream:

Agenda item 2 - Decide how candidates will engage with community

  • Bri: we have just under 2 weeks for candidates to introduce themselves to the community. Last year we:

    • asked candidates to post a Candidate Statement to the forum
    • Held two Town Halls in two different timezones and recorded them. Bri asked them for what timezones people are in, but then Governance WG made proposals
  • New ideas:

    • LO: invite all candidates to a meeting with us to answer their questions. Record this.
    • EB: invite candidates to the next meeting ?
      • AQ: Yes. Everyone meets at the top of the meeting time. Current Council People talk through the document while recording. Then candidates get a Q&A session. Then we stop recording. Current Council people finish up anything we need to do.
      • HPY: communicate to the candidates that if you can’t show up at this time it doesn’t count against you. There are other ways to get your message out and ask questions.
    • EB: request that candidates fill out a crabfit for general availability
  • Continuing ideas:

    • Candidates will be asked to post statements to the forum. This also proves they can post to the forum.
    • Hold one Town Hall, ask candidates for their availability for that particular week on separate crabfit

That’s all folks!

:loudspeaker: Please register to vote now!!

Is this summary useful to you? Please chime in below!

P.S. Summary from previous meeting is here (2022-06-01)

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