NOW OPEN: Voter Registration for 2022 GOSH Community Council Election!

Hi everyone!

Voter registration is now open for the GOSH 2022 Community Council Election and will remain open until 23 June 2022. You can register using the following link:

For more information on the GOSH 2022 Community Council Election process, check out the community governance category and election landing page.

In the coming days, the independent observer will be announced and candidate nominations will open, so keep checking the forum for more election updates!

Thanks for your time!


Thank you @briannaljohns, glad to see registration starting!

:loudspeaker: EVERYONE: Please register and vote!

It only takes a couple minutes, and you can make a difference in how GOSH can support your work in open science hardware.

The eligibility criteria is quite flexible. If you are reading this, it’s very likely that you can register!

Sorry if it’s already been done, but are there versions of this announcement suitable for sharing, or have been shared, among the GOSH-related chat groups like on WhatsApp and others?

Hey @hpy! @TOKO has sent messages about voter registration/candidate nominations to the AfricaOSH group and I’ve reached out to the reGOSH one :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to vote.

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I am in , waiting to vote.

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