Sharing notes & recording of GOSH Council transition process

Hi everyone!

The GOSH Community Council has put together a document to help newly elected council members transition into the Council. It contains tons of useful information on the inner workings of the GOSH council, including:

  • The internal dynamics of the council, how they organize themselves & how they make decisions
  • How the Council interacts with the broader GOSH community
  • Goals, milestones, and other actions achieved by the Council
  • Pending challenges to be reviewed by future council members

The Council also invited candidates to a meeting this week to discuss the document while reading through it together. The meeting was recorded and you can watch the discussion here!

I definitely recommend reading the transition document or watching the recorded discussion, it’s an excellent reflection on how the GOSH Council has been running the past year! :slight_smile:



Splendid, thank you @briannaljohns! It was gratifying and humbling to reflect on our work over the past year.

I also suggest reading the document and/or viewing the video recording. However, if you are short on time, here are a few approximate start times I’ve noted for some key sections in the recording:

  • How the Community Council operated - first 50-ish minutes
  • Actions carried out by the Community Council in 2021-2022 - 51m
  • Achieve goals and milestones - 1h 11m 50s
  • Pending challenges for next Community Council - 1h 18m 10s (:point_left: definitely watch this!!)

And don’t forget…

:loudspeaker::white_check_mark: PLEASE register to vote here and tell your friends!!!

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Thanks, @hpy for the timestamps! I just added them to the video as well. :slight_smile:

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