Community Council meeting summary 2022-06-01

Dear GOSH Community Forum,

Below is a summary of the GOSH Community Council meeting at 11:00 UTC on Wednesday, 1 June 2022. As always, feedback is appreciated!

GOSH Community Council meeting summary 2022-06-01

Present: @hikinghack and @hpy

Note: Only two members could show up today, we are trying to find a better time for the whole Community Council to meet next week.

General updates

Agenda item 1 - Find new meeting time

  • 11:00 UTC on Wednesdays is difficult for some of us to meet, so we discussed a better time.
  • @hikinghack proposed that we meet at 22:00 UTC on Wednesdays instead. @hpy will try to get all Community Council members to confirm this before we meet next week.

Agenda item 2 - Transition to new Community Council 2022-2023

  • Three new members of the GOSH Community Council will be seated in July 2022.
  • With pre-meeting help from @laola, we have drafted a document of what we did 2021-2022 and important outstanding issues to address to pass on to the new Community Council for 2022-2023, such as, but not limited to:
    • Crafting a GOSH Community Constitution
    • Secure future funding
    • Improving elections
    • Define relationship between GOSH and other organisations
    • Improving communications/engagement with the community

That’s all folks!

:loudspeaker: Please register to vote now!!

We will try to find a better time for the next Community Council meeting, tentatively scheduled for 22:00 UTC on Wednesday, 8 June 2022.

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P.S. Summaries from previous two meetings are here (2022-05-25) and here (2022-05-18).

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