Announcement of 2022 GOSH Community Council Election Results!

Hello GOSH Community Members!

As the 2022 GOSH Election Secretary, I want to start off by thanking all of our fantastic candidates for running in the 2022 GOSH Community Council Election. Throughout this election, the candidates modeled the best of GOSH’s values while championing so many great ideas and actions to push the community forward.

The independent observer Heather (@heatherleson) and I have tabulated the votes, and we are excited to announce the results!

We had 62 registered voters, and 43 votes were cast between June 24th and July 3rd. The STAR voting platform performed well and made it very straightforward to identify the three winning candidates.

As noted in the 2022 GOSH Governance Plan for Seating the 2nd GOSH Community Council, Community Council seats will be awarded by the Election Secretary as follows in order to make the seated 2022-2023 community council as equitable and representative as possible:

  • A minimum of 1 seat to a candidate who fulfills the diversity criteria as enumerated above under “Nomination of Candidates”. If there is only one such candidate receiving votes, they will be seated.
  • Of the final 7 member Community Council, at least one seat goes to a member of ReGOSH, if there is not already a member of ReGOSH on the Council.
  • Of the final 7 member Community Council, at least one seat goes to a member of AfricaOSH, if there is not already a member of AfricaOSH on the Council.
  • If any open seats remain, they will be awarded to the remaining unseated candidates in order of who has received the most preferred votes.
  • Candidates with zero votes won’t be seated.

Based on the results of the 2022 GOSH Community Council Election, the above criteria were met. I will now introduce the three candidates who were elected to the GOSH Community Council!

Newly elected council members to the GOSH Community Council:

You can view the full results of the election here.

A reminder that the three selected candidates will each serve 2-year terms. You can see the full list of seated council members, and when their terms expire, below.

2022-2023 GOSH Community Council Members:

We want to thank all the candidates who ran, as we know this was a substantial undertaking. We have been deeply gratified by the community response and participation in this election.

Congratulations to the newly elected Community Council! We look forward to what you will achieve going forward.

Thank you,
Bri Johns
Election Secretary for the 2022 GOSH Community Council Election


This is fantastic news!

Congratulations to all the winners and the nominees as well.


Congrats all and thanks everyone who ran. It’s great to see so many new names and faces and excited to see folks at future events!


Je vous suis infiniment reconnaissant pour cette élection. Merci à ceux et à celles qui ont bien voulu placer leur confiance en moi.


I wish you a good re-shiffling and thanks for all the work of the leaving council members too!
@hikinghack @julianstirling @mariafrangos


Awww thanks!

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