Regional Events - Reminder to publish documentation outputs for $800 bonus!

Hello everyone,

Really excited to read the updates from regional events (:point_left: check it out!) that were funded by GOSH this year in round 1 for $9910:

And round 2:

As a reminder and as announced in round 1 and round 2, all regional funding awardees are requested to publish some sort of documentation output under open source licenses (e.g. CERN OHLv2, GNU GPLv3, CC BY-SA 4.0, etc.). They don’t even have to be hardware designs, and could be anything that helps grow our collective knowledge towards ubiquity of open science hardware. Once that has been done and approved, you will get a USD 800 bonus!! :tada:

Thanks everyone. :hearts:

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I had some info in another thread, which now includes a more straightforward short video! (not like the teaser)!

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In brief, our regional event outputs include a bit in our wiki, few meetup, twitter and facebook posts (although now we are wondering if we should stay in the latter two social media platforms…), 3 short videos, the ‘teaser’ and one more straightforward one, and one including the surprise of a bee attacking a hummingbird from our Panama visit.


Looking forward to more work ahead for the open flexure basis for our ‘cheek cell chip’ project. (let me know if you didn’t get to sign up during the meeting, and I will add you to the list!)

Hoping we can benefit from the extra bonus at our community lab!!
Thanks for all the organising and fun!

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