GOSH 2023 Election Candidate Statement: Hamid Khayar Oumar Defallah

This thread is for the candidate statement of the 2023 GOSH Community Council Election candidate Hamid Khayar Oumar Defallah. Hamid (@hamid), you can reply to this post with your candidate statement. I have included the candidate statement template below for your reference:

2023 GOSH Community Council Election Candidate Statement Template

1. Candidate Name:

2. Please provide a short biography, and describe some of your participation and contributions in the GOSH community (approximately 3-5 sentences):

3. Please provide a position statement (approximately 3-5 sentences) indicating why you are running for Community Council, your priorities for the community, and what you hope to achieve:

4. Tell us how your experience, skills, and/or qualifications allow for effectively serving and governing communities (approximately 2-3 sentences):

5. Please detail which of the eight existing Community Council governance domain(s) you are interested in taking on (this does not have to be a firm commitment), plus what you would like to do within that domain(s). (approximately 2-3 sentences)

6. Please confirm that you are able and willing to participate in regularly scheduled council meetings at least twice a month.

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  1. Candidate Name: Hamid Khayar Oumar Defallah
  2. Brief Biography: An IT Engineer and social entrepreneur from Chad, Founder & CEO at Chad Innovation Hub, a dynamic Tech Hub based in Ndjamena, dedicated to advising, supporting, training, and incubating individuals within the digital ecosystem, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship across Chad. Since 2022, he has been a full member of the Africa Open Science Hardware (AfricaOSH) Community, participating in the AfricaOSH Community Call in 2023. In 2020, Khayar was appointed by the President of the Republic to lead Chad’s digital transition.
  3. Position Statement: My candidacy for the Community Council is rooted in my drive to amplify the GOSH community’s impact and utilize technology for the greater good. My priority is to further advocate for the intersection of openness, science, and hardware. My aim is to facilitate initiatives that encourage individuals to embrace open science hardware as a catalyst for positive change, harnessing its potential to address complex challenges.
  4. Experience and Qualifications: Drawing from my experience in social entrepreneurship, technological innovation, and community leadership, I possess the skills to effectively serve and guide communities. I am particularly proud of my role in fostering openness and collaboration within the GOSH community. My commitment to nurturing diverse perspectives and facilitating constructive dialogues further contributes to my ability to serve.
    5.Community Council Domains: I’m intrigued by the Gatherings/Events domain, envisioning collaboration with @valerian, @Harold, and @laola to organize global and local Gatherings. This offers an opportunity to enhance knowledge sharing, idea exchange, and community bonding. While this is not a firm commitment, the prospect of enriching the GOSH community through meaningful interactions and events excites me.
    6.Commitment to Meetings: Absolutely, I wholeheartedly commit to participating in regularly scheduled council meetings at least twice a month. Recognizing their value for contribution and collaboration, I am dedicated to planning my schedule accordingly for effective engagement.