GOSH 2023 Election Candidate Statement: Yorgo El Moubayed

This thread is for the candidate statement of the 2023 GOSH Community Council Election candidate Yorgo El Moubayed (@yorgoelmoubayed). Yorgo, you can reply to this post with your candidate statement. I have included the candidate statement template below for your reference:

2023 GOSH Community Council Election Candidate Statement Template

1. Candidate Name:

2. Please provide a short biography, and describe some of your participation and contributions in the GOSH community (approximately 3-5 sentences):

3. Please provide a position statement (approximately 3-5 sentences) indicating why you are running for Community Council, your priorities for the community, and what you hope to achieve:

4. Tell us how your experience, skills, and/or qualifications allow for effectively serving and governing communities (approximately 2-3 sentences):

5. Please detail which of the eight existing Community Council governance domain(s) you are interested in taking on (this does not have to be a firm commitment), plus what you would like to do within that domain(s). (approximately 2-3 sentences)

6. Please confirm that you are able and willing to participate in regularly scheduled council meetings at least twice a month.

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  • Candidate Name: Yorgo El Moubayed.

  • Short Biography: I am a Biologist/Software Developer by training, originally from Lebanon and currently based in France. I am serving as a Program Coordinator at the international genetically engineered machine (iGEM) Foundation. Through a variety of programs, iGEM educates the workforce and the leaders of the Synthetic Biology industry through the advancement of the field, education, competition, and the development of an open, collaborative, and cooperative community. I also spend a lot of time working around biosafety/biosecurity/biorisk initiatives. I have participated in AfricaOSH “community calls” and initiated efforts to bring the iGEM and AfricaOSH communities together to facilitate collaboration, enable open science initiatives and share resources and platforms.

  • Position Statement: I am running for the Community Council because I am deeply committed to advancing the responsible development of open science, particularly within the realms of biology and chemistry, while remaining vigilant about potential risks. One of my priorities is to foster productive dialogues regarding Open Science policies, creating a framework that benefits the community. I also aim to bring valuable GOSH perspectives to influential international gatherings. Lastly, I aspire to establish strong connections with similar communities, international organizations (iGEM, Effective Altruism…) and youth initiatives, thus magnifying the impact of GOSH.

  • Experience & Skills: With a background in synthetic biology, education, and community development, I am equipped to effectively serve and govern communities. My engagement in policy, global youth involvement, science diplomacy and responsible use of synthetic biology at international meetings reflects my dedication to addressing critical challenges. My involvement in different networks (iGEM, Youth4Biosecurity, Youth4Health, Effective Altruism, Red-Cross…) puts me in an adequate position to establish beneficial collaborations for GOSH.

  • Community Council Governance Domain(s):
    Gatherings/Events: explore increasing the presence of GOSH-led initiatives in the Middle East, Central Asia, South East Asia and other regions where there is mutual benefit while bridging efforts with iGEM-led Open Science & Accessibility initiatives.
    Roadmap: actively contribute to updating the Roadmap while seeking to establish meaningful external links with like-minded communities and international organizations to amplify GOSH’s impact. This would involve collaboration, resource-sharing, and fostering a network of support to advance the open science hardware movement globally.

  • I confirm that I’ll be able to participate regularly in scheduled council meetings at least twice a month.