Community Council meeting summary 2022-01-18

Dear GOSH Community Forum,

Below is a summary of the GOSH Community Council meeting at 10:30 UTC on Wednesday, 18 January 2023. As always, feedback is appreciated!

GOSH Community Council meeting summary 2023-01-18



  • @hpy and @lizbarry are working on drafting the GOSH constitution. Hoping to include information on elections and have a draft for community feedback before this year’s upcoming election!
  • @laola is working with documentation team to wrap up community report from GOSH 2022
  • Would like to have more focused communication channels on the forum. Something to think about in future!
  • Small working group has been working on how to manage roadmap actions from GOSH 2022

Agenda Item - deciding on which council member should join review committee for events funding program

  • GOSH Open Science Hardware Events Funding Program 2023 is happening this month and we need a council member to join the review committee for this program.
  • Decided to nominate those on the council focused on the events/gathering domain should be a part of this review committee. However, we need to confirm this with all nominated council members and see if they accept the position.

We also planned to meet again in a month’s time!

That’s all folks!

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P.S. Summaries from the meeting are here.

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