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TECNOx 4.0 Global South This category was created following discussions that took place during GOSH 2018 in Shenzhen. Its goal is to promote discussion and articulation about cooperation in the global south about OSH and other related issues. Academia The academia channel was formed to carry on the discussions that were started at the Open Hardware from Academia Workshop (February 2020). AsiaOSH Single Pixel Camera dev group Latino Americanas Espaço para integração das comunidades de Hardware Aberto e Livre e Ciência Aberta da América Latina. Iniciado em encontro durante o GOSH 2017 em Santiago, Chile em 25 de Março de 2017. Education The place for discussions and sharing resources (curriculum, program models, pedagogy, etc) about education and OScH. Includes (1) education about how to make OScH and (2) education using OScH tools. Examples: what skills should a modern teacher have to use, create OScH solutions, perhaps also programs, courses… what training is needed? Etc. Great Lakes GOSH Talk about the 2019 Great Lakes GOSH! http://openhardware.science/gatherings/great-lakes-gosh-2019/ AfricaOSH Africa Open Science and Hardware (Africa OSH) Summit is a grassroots effort to bring together researchers, technologists, hacker hobbyists, educators, government officials, and start-up innovators around the world. Digital Biology Digital Biology will create new devices that bridge the digital and the physical world and make bits and atoms converge. Devices using bits of mater to measure and transform them. Bits of mater can be droplets of liquid, or complex molecules such as proteins. Controlled by digital microelectronic elements such as microfluidic valves, digital sensors or new kind of actors implemented using digital microfluidics. Devices using digital biology such as Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (Digital-PCR), DNA Synthesizers (kilobaser.com) or Desktop Digital Biolabs (gaudi.ch/OpenDrop) will bring flexible and affordable labs to everyone. Through the Digital Biology Ecosystem science will be opened and biology will be democratized.
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