UK reproducibiliy network primer on open source hardware

Hi GOSHers!

After one of the meetings of the open research working group here in Sussex, Neil Jacobs from the UK reproducibility network UKRN has asked for a primer on open source hardware for their website. They already have primers for software, data, open access, etc. They can be found here.

For the hardware one they want something with the same headers from other primers. It should be a 3-4 pages introduction for researchers who may be interested in a topic but are not sure how or where to start.

I have started putting together a draft here.

I am writing this post to see if people from GOSH would like to contribute to the writing/commenting. My plan is to finish this draft by April 24th and send it to Neill. He would then review it and make suggestions. Once those are incorporated, the primer will be published on the UKRN website.


Hi @amchagas I am literally in the same office as Neil Jacobs! (working on different projects)

Are there specific forms of assistance you seek on the draft? General comments? Additions?

Sounds great! I won’t be able to comment, but UKRN seems to be in touch (“affiliated partner”) with the German Reproducibility Network (GRN) and I could offer to translate your work for them. Would you mind asking Neil, if this sounds like a valid option?

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Hi @Paul! Don’t know if you were asking me or @amchagas but yes I can certainly ask Neil. He is not in the office today, but I plan to catch up with him next week and will let you know. That said, I’m almost certain it’s fine to translate it! And yes, the GRN is affiliated with UKRN:

there is some content at Open Hardware — The Turing Way, it may be nice to combine that chapter with your new worked document, and the work we want to do during the book dash (see one earlier entry in this forum) ??

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Hi folks,

thanks for the questions!

@hpy just whatever people would like to contribute with really. Point is that a community effort is certainly going to be better than just me writing it :wink:

@Paul I can also mention this to Neil once I send him the first draft.

@Juliencolomb This primer needs to be short (3-4 pages max) and be an overview with pointers towards resources for people that would like to get started. If you are keen, what about adding those resources to the primer text?


@amchagas OK, I’ll try to take a look a give some feedback by April 24 2023 (inclusive, as I might do this on a train that day!).

Hi @amchagas I’ve suggested various edits, additions, deletions, and comments to the document. Hope it’s useful! Please let us know how to proceed. Thanks for doing this!

Thanks @hpy and @julianstirling for your input! I have included them in the text, together with some more links and minor changes. I think this has reached a stage where it can be shared with UKRN people for comments and feedback.

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