Giveaway & Discussion around Seeed's Hazard Response Mission Pack

I’m Davide Gomba and I’ve been active in the Open Hardware Movement and STEAM Ed in Europe for some time now. I was sent here from a friend from this community, which happens to be super active and interesting.

I had the chance to help Seeed in developing a very interesting kit addressing one of the main problems my country (Italy) is facing right now: environmental disasters, possibly due to human or natural causes.

We don’t expect it to be the final solution to ALL problems, but a dynamic and resilient way to monitor one or more aspect and element that will eventually help seing a disaster in advance.

We want to collect stories and advices from you.
You can apply for a kit or read the FAQ from the Github.

The Kit heavily relies on Helium LoraWAN connectivity (even though you can use your own private LoRa Network) and SenseCAP 20X IP66 family products

Let us hear from you :slight_smile:

Hazard Response Mission Pack is a comprehensive solution designed for optimized disaster preparedness[1], management, and response. This pack includes robust devices for data transmission, data processing, user interface, precise tracking, intelligent visual analysis, and custom sensor development for environmental monitoring. These devices work together to provide a robust yet flexible system for real-time data collection, analysis, and response, enabling efficient management and mitigation of hazard situations.

[1] WFP defines emergency preparedness as “Actions, arrangements, and procedures in anticipation of an emergency to ensure that the response when needed, be rapid, appropriate and effective.” (Source: WFP’s Programme Guidance Manual)

The Hazard Response Mission Pack consists of five different cornerstones of our SenseCAP family products offer:

[2] (Lightning sensor, Vibration Sensor, PM2.5 Dust Sensor, Flame Sensor, and ORP Sensor)

This kit addresses small independent groups of individuals (or even one person team) willing to monitor and record natural events and bring them online, for community and scientific purposes, with the idea of learning to prevent big disasters and casualties.

Yet the kit can be easily integrated with existing monitoring systems. In this use case scenario - as much, if not more interesting - a System Integrator / Civil Defense group can add the later trends in sensor monitoring (AIoT and Tiny Machine Learning) in a very customizable and adaptive solution.

In both ways, feel free to apply for a kit or ping us for more information.