Salon in der Kenyongasse Wien

Dieser Workshop findet am 28.6. im Englisch Unterricht statt. Wir freuen uns sehr auf euch!

citizen scientist 7098

This project presents an engine that can be used as a multifunctional device (turning lights on/off, playing games, playing music). There are four buttons, which can be assigned by the user themselves with the funciton (e.g. YouTube).

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citizen scientists 6489, 5797

The project is about self-made paint. It uses the green chlorophyll from leaves to make self-made paint. If the color dries out, you can simply put it back into the sun, and the chlorophyl production will be stimulated again. You mix the leaves and a bit of water with a pestle and a mortar till you have, just like this, a liquid color. You can also use it as a color corrector for your makeup, because the green color will neutralize red spots and redness in your face.


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citizen scientists 2383, 8686

In this project a fishing rod was designed, so that the fish can get grilled over fire. The houses should be able to float in the air to protect them from attackers. For communication, walkie talkies can be made from recycled plastic parts.

#LiveLifeLong #Nature

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citizen scientist 2442

citizen scientist 2459

This group uses the hardware of an old cell phone for making a TV. The TV can be used to view apps, but also includes a built-in fan. Parts of printers and remotes are re-used in this concept.
A desired object can be searched for via this interface through text input. The searched object will then come out directly through this device.

citizen scientists 3072, 8930, 2202
For generating light, fireflies or galactic rock are considered in this project. For transportation, tried and true methods such as bicycles, scooters, and boats are proposed. For communication, carrier pigeons are to be used again to a greater number.

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citizen scientist 3371

This group was busy taking apart an old printer and then tried to think of a real machine they could build from the salvaged parts. They built a ventilator on site that was powered through a bike and used the motor they had found inside the old printer. This was actually working.

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citizen scientist 3371

This group proposes an analog Tetris machine without electricity. An old car door is used as frame for the game, the stones can be moved with the help of three ropes and rotated with a wheel. To make the blocks go down slower, a counterweight is attached over a rope.

So this Tetris game consists of real bricks that can be pushed and pulled in a mechanical way to play the game analog.


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citizen scientists 7022 and 5530

In this project the citizen scientists developed a running energy bag. The energy generated from running by foot is stored in a bag over the user’s shoulders. This energy can be tapped via a cable to power other devices. The materials can all be recycled from e-waste.


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citizen scientists 7988 and 9413
A flashlight powered by a manual used motor was developed. You need to move the coil so that the motor starts working. And this motor is connected to a copper coil that starts lighting up as the motor starts working. This design is wrapped reflective material and can thus be used as a flashlight. With the help of this motor you could also drive a small fan in the summer when it is very hot.


citizen scientist 4648

The human printer prints humans in two to three weeks, and combines the DNA of an animal and a human being.Because if you just combine it with your own DNA, they will become incest humans. The machine is also able to print mystical creatures like a minotaur or a centaur, or maybe even a mermaid.

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citizen scientists 8914, 6881

This group designed an infinity box which consists of two buttons (for start and stop) and a lever. The machine is able to create infinite resources, which come directly from the box. With the help of this box, both food and weapons can be produced.

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