Feedback and ideas for formalising AsiaOSH

Dear Friends,

@Yang from OpenFIESTA (where the 2018 Shenzhen Gathering was held) has expressed interest in an AsiaOSH, in which OpenFiesta would host 1 or 2 gatherings per year to take advantage of their prototyping/manufacturing capabilities. It makes sense to combine this proposal with our talks about SEAOSH, so the following is an outline of what I imagine an AsiaOSH would look like.

Thoughts and feedback on how an AsiaOSH would be instantiated are solicited, as are expressions of interest, either in attending, or in hosting a gathering under the AsiaOSH rubric.

What AsiaOSH seems to be so far:

  • Intended for anyone who frequents the region (whether resident or not) (“Asia” being loosely defined)
  • All members are/must be members of GOSH, so no formal independent identity, no separate governance, no special status (unlike AfricaOSH or REGOSH).
  • “Membership” in AsiaOSH just means you intend to attend/host a gathering/gatherings under the AsiaOSH name.
  • Gatherings occur as/when someone hosts one, each possibly around a theme
  • Gatherings are self funded by attendees (including travel/lodging) unless a miracle happens (don’t assume a grant will appear to subsidise the gathering)
  • We can communicate/coordinate via the forum

Given that AsiaOSH is all/only about gatherings, it seems unnecessary to have any kind of AsiaOSH committee/governing structure. Discussions/thoughts?

Let’s get an idea of the interest in AsiaOSH. Who’s interested please reply so you can be counted.

Edit: I should have mentioned, that I’m assuming that AsiaOSH would supplant SEAOSH. The bullet list above is a legacy of SEAOSH deliberations.


I’m interested in SEAOSH and may be interested in AsiaOSH. My only limitation is money. Sorry for not being around, but now I’m happy to say I’ve got my degree. :smiley: :ocean:


I am interested when I am in the area!


Interested in attending, as well volunteering for areas where I can help.


Thanks for asking @Harold. As you know I’m interested. I’m in east/southeast Asia roughly once per year (already happened for 2024). So if an AsiaOSH gathering happens, I’ll try to plan my trip(s) to match it!

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We (@uddhavi2009 , @ratiranjan & @rejoyjoseph24 ) are from India, quite keen for the AsiaOSH. May be we will have to explore for travel costs. We are also happy to volunteer.


Great to hear from India! May I ask where from India are you all from? India is pretty big, I’m trying to get an idea of where the “centre of OScH gravity” in Asia is.

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OpenFIESTA, Tsinghua University (Shenzhen, China) could offer our open labs and idea cafe as the place for the potential first AsiaOSH gathering. Harold and I are hoping to hear community members’ ideas and interests about the AsiaOSH gathering. It would be awesome for people in Asia to have a chance to meet face-to-face and do some sharing. If you have an interesting project and are willing to share it with other community members and our graduate students (master’s students) during the gathering, OpenFIESTA could also provide some lecturing subsidy for you (not much, limited by our funding).

We have hosted the GOSH gathering 2018, you can find some photos on the GOSH website or visit our Facebook or Twitter. As we get enough interest and ideas from members in this thread, we will initiate the organization and registration process. Thanks for everyone supporting the AsiaOSH gathering!!!