UK based OSH people in academia

Hi GOSH folks!

I recently had a chat with the UKRN people, and one of the topics we discussed was the lack of a directory/database/page showing who is in the UK, based in Academia working with OSH.

So, my first question is:

  • Is there such a directory? (maybe something @julianstirling @rbowman came up with after their event “open hardware from academia” event in 2020?)

If there is no such thing, what would be suggestions to collect such information? I initially thought about just making this post an editable wiki, but I can also see how some people might not want to have their work info listed here?

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When we ran the event I was told afterwards that I needed to have asked people if I could share their names/affiliations/emails in the sign up form otherwise I couldn’t share it for GDPR reasons. So no we never had a proper participant list which was a shame. I am still unsure if name alone was fine. Next time I run something I would ask.

Of course many of the early career people on that list may now no longer be in academia. Like me!


Oh bummer, I wonder if it would still be ok to email them and ask if they could be contacted by me regarding this? And if they are happy to, I could message them? Also even if they left academia, they might know if their PI/lab/department has someone working on OSH?

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Yeah I guess it’ll be great to be able to contact those who were at the 2020 meeting, though that’s probably lots of work. Plus maybe you can also pose this question to those attending the upcoming “OSH in academia” meeting this October? I think at least some of them will be based in the UK.

I’m still in academia… for now, and am happy to be added to the list if that helps. BTW, I’m not an official “part” of the UK Reproducibility Network, but I currently sit in the same office at the University of Bristol! So let me know if I can help with something.