Workshop: Supporting Open Source Hardware in Academia happening October 12 & 13 in Berlin

Hi GOSH Community! Sharing an upcoming workshop opportunity below:

TU Berlin, FU Berlin & HU Berlin with the support of Grenoble INP are organising the scientific workshop Supporting Open Source Hardware in Academia on the 12th and 13th of October in Berlin.

The event will provide a networking and knowledge exchange space for researchers and practitioners of Open Source Hardware in research. The workshop is aimed at researchers, non-profits, companies and advocates in Germany and beyond, working towards broader adoption of Open Source Hardware in science.

The agenda of the event will be partially co-created with participants, and it will also feature project presentations, panel sessions as well as poster sessions. The outcomes of the event will be summarized and published as proceedings and as a series of blog posts in the OpenMake project blog.

Registration is now open until September 30th. The organising team can provide reimbursement for travel and accommodation fees of selected participants who request it at the moment of registration. All updated information and the registration link can be found on the website:



Dear all,

I can confirm that we will pay for hotel and travel directly (no need to pay in advance). We will need an estimation of the costs beforehand though, so be quick in registering and contacting us for support.

Looking forward to see you in Berlin.


Just registered.
looking forward to be part of this!
Will around Berlin for longer, so we can also do other activities surrounding those dates.


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I would have been really interested to join, but unfortunately am not available that week.
Would love to hear about possible outcomes…

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Unfortunately our community science friend Rodolfo has some feedback

"Eo! My application for the open science workshop in Berlin got rejected. After a short interchange of Emails it seems they are not accepting artists nor non specialist or just not me! Lol , I found it not very cool … :/// "

Just fyi

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Greetings from Berlin!

Spending 2 days in discussions and writing with a nice group of open hardware enthusiasts.
Stay tuned to hear more about what we have been coming up with…
so far we are writing here, and hopefully push some discussions to this forum soon.

@Juliencolomb @jarancio @rmies


Thanks for the update, so sorry I couldn’t be there! Definitely looking forward to what you’ve all learned from the two days.

Have a great time in Berlin!

Greetings from Nigeria




It was absolutely wonderful meeting you all at TU Berlin. The sentiment I’m left with upon returning home is that we truly delved into some significant topics and emerged with several promising proposals and ideas.

I eagerly anticipate continuing our exchange and the development of new open ideas!

With winds from distant galaxies,
Love long and prosper,


Thank you @andjela, you are wonderful and so are the organizers and fellow participants. Sosha23 initiated an exciting journey of meaningful discussions and opened a door of many possibilities. I look forward to continued interactions with all of you. :v: