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Hi everyone,

One of the actions that emerged from the 2022 Gathering was to build out a searchable and indexable project directory for open science hardware projects. As part of this, a group of GOSH community members has been meeting to envision and scope such a project directory. We have started compiling a list of other open hardware / open project directories to understand what platforms already exist in the ecosystem. We’d like to invite you all to add any additional directories you know of to this list:

List of directories we can engage with to better understand our vision of a GOSH open science hardware project directory:

Deduplicated set from the GOSH 2022 unconference session:

Independent lists:

This post is a wiki so you can add any projects directly to the list above.

Thanks for contributing!
Edit: Tu-Delft link was broken, Fixed @DrBrian


I apparently can’t figure out how to edit it as a wiki, but came to add

to the list :slight_smile:

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Sorry I’m not really good with this wiki thing either, but there’s the actively-maintained Conservation Tech Directory:

Annoyingly, while this directory includes open source hardware, you can’t filter for them!

Oops, @hpy @hikinghack, that was my fault! Forgot to change the post into a wiki after sharing! Just fixed it now so that people can add to it. Thanks for sharing!


Aha, I see the “Edit” button now. Thank you @briannaljohns!

This is marvellous! I’ve just pasted the (deduplicated) list from panama.

Can we make this list a sticky post in the General forum category?

I also took the liberty of adding a personal list of OH pipetting robots I keep on gitlab.

Is that ok or were you thinking about sticking to dedicated, organised repositories?

Hi @naikymen, no this is not limited to dedicated, organized repositories - any sorts of open hardware list (like the one you shared) is what we are looking for!


Where on GitLab?

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Hi Adrian! Sorry for the late response.

The link is in the wiki post, I added it at the moment.

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Hi all,

I came across something today that I think is relevant to this thread. In WILDLABS’ most recent annual report, they mentioned that they are building a wiki-style inventory of conservation technology products, projects, and organizations. They’re looking for people to contribute to the beta version of this inventory, which you can sign up to here.

It would be great to get some open hardware conservation projects involved in this!

Also good to keep in mind as we continue having conversations about how we can manage a directory for open science hardware projects.

Just thought I’d share!


Thank you for flagging this @briannaljohns, I just signed up out of interest. I’m curious how it differentiates from the existing Conservation Tech Directory.

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Hi all!

I am adding Wildlab’s new inventory to the list, and wanted to mention it on this thread as I think it is similar to what many of us are imagining in terms of an open science hardware project directory:

I definitely recommend checking it out!



I keep wondering of how awesome it could be if each new inventory just did their thing but used Wikidata as a backend…