Wiki: List of open hardware project directories

Hi everyone,

One of the actions that emerged from the 2022 Gathering was to build out a searchable and indexable project directory for open science hardware projects. As part of this, a group of GOSH community members has been meeting to envision and scope such a project directory. We have started compiling a list of other open hardware / open project directories to understand what platforms already exist in the ecosystem. We’d like to invite you all to add any additional directories you know of to this list:

List of directories we can engage with to better understand our vision of a GOSH open science hardware project directory:

Deduplicated set from the GOSH 2022 unconference session:

Independent lists:

This post is a wiki so you can add any projects directly to the list above.

Thanks for contributing!
Edit: Tu-Delft link was broken, Fixed @DrBrian


I apparently can’t figure out how to edit it as a wiki, but came to add

to the list :slight_smile:

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Sorry I’m not really good with this wiki thing either, but there’s the actively-maintained Conservation Tech Directory:

Annoyingly, while this directory includes open source hardware, you can’t filter for them!

Oops, @hpy @hikinghack, that was my fault! Forgot to change the post into a wiki after sharing! Just fixed it now so that people can add to it. Thanks for sharing!


Aha, I see the “Edit” button now. Thank you @briannaljohns!

This is marvellous! I’ve just pasted the (deduplicated) list from panama.

Can we make this list a sticky post in the General forum category?

I also took the liberty of adding a personal list of OH pipetting robots I keep on gitlab.

Is that ok or were you thinking about sticking to dedicated, organised repositories?

Hi @naikymen, no this is not limited to dedicated, organized repositories - any sorts of open hardware list (like the one you shared) is what we are looking for!

Where on GitLab?