OH literature review, projects directories and searchability - Unconference session at GOSH 2022

There is a new OScH directory wiki post over here: Wiki: List of open hardware project directories

UC session: OH literature review, projects directories and searchability

This session split into a project “Mapping” session and a “OH literature review” session.


People: Darin, George, Moritz, Honey Badger, Juul, Andy (briefly :P).


  • Darin & Nico: same stuff, we have a lot of “modular” high level dependencies, and want to reuse stuff and not make everything from scratch.
  • George: go to GitHub/GitLab for specific software. It is frustrating to not know if there is some free project.
  • Moritz: personal growth.
  • Honey badger: loves hardware.
  • Juul:

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  • OH search engines and repositories.
  • List projects: needs, work in progress, finished projects.


  • George: Get someone to crawl all websites, and make a list.
  • We need tags.
  • Honey badger: Get an identifier for projects.
  • Juul: make a mediawiki, host it on MIRAHEZE perhaps.

Search engines

Broad spectrum:

  • GitLab/GitHub
  • YouTube
  • Reddit forums
    • Reddit subs
  • Instructables
  • Thingiverse/Printables/Yegg/…
  • Make forums
  • fieldready.org
  • kitspace.org

Closer to OH (no particular order):

Closer to wetlab OH:

Metadata standards

What information must we include about a project in a repository.

Open hardware literature review.

People: Jenny, Shannon, Katie, Luis Felipe.

Objective: gather papers on open hardware and around open hardware.

Notes: next post! Thanks Katie.

Other related suff

  • allspice.io “A git platform for hardware”
    • Why not use git? High entry barrier.
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  • How to integrate grey literature (not peer reviewed)?
    • Need a DOI to be able to add to Scholia, but some data might not translate well since not in indexed journals (e.g., location)
    • Added citations to Scholia, which helps organize and visualize wiki data

Next steps/Timeline

  • Within 1 week: Revise 5 categories
  • By mid-December: Organize 5 1-hr topic sessions (Nov) and invite people from^
  • By end of March: Draft
    • Update Zotero Library, incl. grey lit.
  • End of April:
    • Revision/comments
    • GOSH output: readable/accessible form w/ illustration
  • May: Submit – Where to publish?

@Albercook you may want to have a look at this forum post :slight_smile:

I’ve closed this wiki post as Bri has started a dedicated wiki post over here: Wiki: List of open hardware project directories