Proposal: new knowledgebase forum category


I’ve recently come across this usage of discourse as a “knowledgebase”. It would be cool to combine that idea with wiki posts to start building a collborative knowledgebase.

There is already a discussion on how to organize our collective knowledge, with more information and alternatives.

I am confident that this can be a good place to start. We can give this idea a try, with no extra cost, effort, or risk.

Proposed actions

We can jump-start this new category by moving the OH project list wiki post to this new category: Wiki: List of open hardware project directories

I’d be glad to volunteer for maintaining the first post.

Future actions

  1. Add more knowledgebase posts to the category, either by moving or sourcing content from them:
  2. Find volunteers to do maintenance/gardening for each post.
  3. Use this to automagically pulish the wiki posts into documentation form.

This looks really great to me.

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