Some potential forum category organization

Hi all, (and especially admins like @julianstirling and @briannaljohns ) as the elections are nearing, and many events and projects are underway, i have a couple potential proposals for some organization of the forum categories to possibly avoid confusions and help people connect with some recent things

  • a subcategory in “Events” for all the current regional events to post and share their updates For instance, for dinacon we could start posting weekly updates there or something, or invite people to join in from dreamspace and the people going to dinacon.

  • a similar subcategory in “projects” for the collaborative development grant projects (and maybe another one for the writing workshops?)

  • Also i mentioned this a while ago but we should probably get rid of that “Candidate statements” subcategory, and move it under a subcategory of just “Election” in general that could include a part with the candidate statments. We should also make sure to move or retag all the old candidate statments and materials from the 2021 election so that people do not go there when looking for 2022 election material.
    While we are at it, we can probably just kill the “Council Discuss” subcategory since i was basically the only one to use that category (for a post about this), and i don’t even really know what it is for.

  • it seems that Latin America y Caribe category should be moved into the communities group

  • not as important but, maybe a retroactive addition of GOSH 2016 where there could just be a placeholder post to any basic info from the first GOSH gathering at CERN. Will help people understand there will have been 4 of these gatherings, and where there is some basic info about the first one

    . or maybe just 2 subcategories, “GOSH 2022” and “Past Events”


I would be against having a category for the Collab Dev Program. It sounds like the category would be either be transient as projects go in and out of the scheme, or stale if we do not have money to re-run it.

I would rather have a general space for people to post about their projects (which I think is projects) whether or not they are collab dev funded. If people want they can have their own sub category. Otherwise a project would have their post split between general projects before/after funding, and collab dev whilst they are pointing back.

I would propose that we make a wiki thread about collab dev funding that links to all the updates that projects have posted on the forum in response to the funding.


sounds great!

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Sorry in haste, so only had a quick look: I am happy with the above, including @julianstirling’s suggested adjustments! :+1:

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Hi @hikinghack @julianstirling and @hpy! Thanks for suggesting these changes, I went in and implemented some, and here’s what I have done:

  • Added a regional events category under events
  • Added a GOSH 2016 subcategory under Gatherings, and reordered the subcategories so that GOSH 2022 is at the top.
  • I can’t nest a subcategory within a subcategory - which means I can’t nest candidate statements within a 2021 election subcategory. So I deleted the candidate statements subcategory and made a 2021 Election subcategory instead and am tagging all the candidate statements with #gosh-2021-election and #candidate-statement so that we can keep track of candidate statements for each year.

Here’s what I wasn’t able to do and is still up for discussion:

  • I know the entire council voted on the council discuss category last year, maybe this is something the whole council wants to revisit before removing?
  • The description for the Gatherings category mentions regional gatherings - should I move regional events to the Gatherings category instead of events?
  • Because Latino America y Caribe has subcategories I can’t nest it under anything else.

Let me know what you all think!
-Bri :v:


Awesome! Interesting, maybe make a “regional 2022” subcategory and we can put all our stuff there?

Quick clarifying question - do you want “regional 2022” under Events or Gatherings category? Or its own category altogether? :slight_smile:

Gatherings i guess!

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Unless there’s a big problem with keeping the Council Discuss category, even if empty for now, I’m inclined to keep it. I think it’s a reminder for the Community Council and the rest of the community to make use of it, and improve communication??

I also feel like the Listening Working Group can utilise this category.

Looks simple and easy now! Bravo :clap:@briannaljohns and @hpy

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Surely this looks nice,but I have a question what qualification does it take for someone to nominate him/herself?

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Hi @Chardso,

Is this question in regards to the 2022 GOSH Community Council Election? If so, I have provided more information below:

As stated in the 2022 Governance Proposal, all members of the GOSH community are eligible and encouraged to vote and run for a seat on the council. This includes — but is not limited to:

  • Forum members who have posted at least twice since the last election in 2021

  • Members of the AfricaOSH WhatsApp or reGOSH Telegram groups,

  • and any attendees of the previous GOSH Gatherings or regional GOSH gatherings (AfricaOSH, ReGOSH, etc).

Have you engaged in a different way? Please let us know, if you think you are part of this community, you probably are! Anyone who has participated in the GOSH community this way will be eligible to both vote and run for a seat on the Community Council.

You can self-nominate or nominate someone else using the following link:

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Andy the organizer here again with a couple more suggestions/discussions:

Council Discuss
As like the only person who ever posted anything in the coucil discuss category, and the person who also thinks it’s just taking up space, i vote on taking it down because it’s just crowding up the category list of other more important things. but this is not that big of a deal

Election 2022 Category
I see we got all the old election stuff nicely tucked away into all that, i think that was great @briannaljohns !
We should also get an election 2022 category going on prepped for all the candidate things and whatnot there

Events Category
In the council meeting today we realized we ran into a UI issue when looking for the election landing page when one person said it’s under the “events” category" but several of us couldn’t find it, but that’s because we have two menu bars that both say “Events”

The one on the top bar i guess more-so means like “BIG GOSH Events” and the side bar is more like “Community Events and Smaller events like community calls and stuff”

I’m not quite sure what the solution to this should be? like one could be renamed “happenings” or something? Anyone got any suggestions here?

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Hi again @hikinghack - I just created GOSH 2022 Election subcategory and moved all the relevant posts for the 2022 election under it.

Regarding the “Events” category being in two menu bars - the top menu bar is meant to redirect to the GOSH website and is the same banner that is used there. I can go ahead and rename the “Events” category on the sidebar to “community events and regional gatherings”?

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