Sub Categories -Com Governance

Hi! could we remove the “Candidate statements” sub category from showing up under community governance. It’s not really relevant anymore, and it is just kinda making more information overload on the side bar there.

I figure we could just have

Community Governance

  • Council News
  • Council Discuss
  • Governance Working Group

to be a little more tidy


Great point, @hikinghack. I know this wouldn’t reduce the number of categories, but maybe we could make a category for all election-related materials/posts, and house the candidate statements there as well? If future elections are similar to the last one, we will need to us the candidate statement category for each election cycle. We could also add things like the election administration procedure to it.

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I agree with this point. In any case we should probably fold what’s in “Candidate Statements” into something else since eventually there will be multiple election cycles.