Our goals out of paper, into Gitlab issues


Hi Goshers!

We are starting to make a move on the Gitlab issues that greg so nicely created to keep track of developments on the actions we came up with on the last day of GOSH 2018.

At the moment I’m trying to make sure that every issue has a person assigned to them and to do that, people need to create a gitlab account.

I’ll ping some people here, who I couldn’t find a Gitlab account, but are marked as point of contact for actions (although I see some of you were already sent invitations! please make sure they didn’t fall into your spam folders):

@shannond, @Moritz or @moritz_lablab, @pixel,


Also, it seems I can only add 10 @ handles per post, so here is some more people:

@mariafrangos, @sam , @andy, @saibhaskar, @liuliying, @Pollock


And here some more (last ones) @Shan, @francois , @marymaggic, @agnieszka, @pia , @mennu20,
Does anyone know the handles for these peeps: Andy D, Kevin, Yao, Anne-Pia.


Last but not least, we can’t find who was assigned to these actions:

If you are it, send a reply here, or if you know who it is, let them know that we are looking for them!


Nice, let’s get moving! My GitLab user is @jarancio.


Mine is @alexander.kutschera


Ok, so now the only issues missing “owners” are the ones where people are still not in GitLab.
If you are tagged in the messages about, please drop me a line here or via DM, so we can get you up and running!


I have joined the gitlab group now. Thanks for the notice!


seems i got automatically added… thanks.

but i have to say, i have no experience sofar with gitlab. a little instructions for newbies would help me a lot.
i was kinda overwhelmed with all the stuff there and never openend it again.

thanks for all your effort!


Hi Marc,
that is a good point. Here is a brief explanation on the whole thing for people watching this space (maybe we can also make a more extensive explanation as a separate thread).

If you don’t know what GIT or a Version control system is, read this, otherwise skip two paragraphs down:
We are using a version control system (here is a explanation on version control systems) to keep track of the tasks raised on the last day of GOSH 2018. More specifically, we are using Git, a system developed for the Linux Kernel project to enable parallel software development. Anyway, the system was widely adopted by software developers and recently by other people keeping track of hardware, design and other projects.

Gitlab, a company offering an open source system for development around git is where we are hosting these projects. Another company you might have heard of (it was recently bought by Microsoft) is GitHub.

In Gitlab, we have created a “Gosh-roadmap” project. Each of the tasks people suggested in Shenzhen were uploaded as “Issues” inside this project, basically because in this system we can assign people to issues and have a nice messaging system where we can link other people/issues and what not (if I’m not mistaken the idea is to also hook the issues with threads in the forum, so everything that is written on Gitlab gets posted directly on a thread in the forum).

To see all the Issues we created, go here. If you would like to see them as parallel boards (with a different organization, but similar content), go here.

In this two views you can search and filter things, so you can find right away things. For instance these are all issues assigned to me.

once you find the issues assigned to you, you can click on it and open the messaging system. In this example, I left a note saying where the project is being developed. I’ll return to it once I have more developments to share. Ideally people would write a little note with developments on regular basis, just to keep others informed and so that we can also make suggestions/offer help, etc.

If people are thinking about sharing more things then messages, let’s say software code, or large documents/texts/images, then I would suggest opening a repository (either Gitlab, or GitHub, whatever people feel more comfortable with, as it is super simple to migrate things from one to the other), and share the link to the repo on the messaging system of their issue. If you never opened a repository and would like to learn how use it, I recommend taking a look here or having a search online for “learning git” or “learning github”. If there are still questions, send us a message here, and we can help out!

sorry, this was a bit longer then I expected. But I hope it is clear enough!


One more interesting issue/idea:

As people start to create their repositories to document things, I think it would be pretty useful if each repository had a file stating what is the code of conduct and another file stating what is the license the project is distributed in. Would it make sense to have a “GOSH template” which people could alter as they needed?


I’m pretty sure I us added. but anyway, my git is @flor_esta


Hi Marina,

thanks! @gbathree and I were debating who flor_Esta was on gitlab… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi all,

We are starting to discuss how to improve user experience on the Forum and on the website!
This is issue 63 on the GitLab issues. We would love suggestions and your views on what are pain points when using both these platforms. Think about when you first joined, what was bad? what was good? what was a thing that you particularly found hard to understand/use/navigate?

Write them here, or at the gitlab discussion directly.
Also pinging @jeff who was at the session where this was discussed. We could use some ideas concerning user experience!


Hi Andre and Greg ( @amchagas @gbathree )

Before the great idea of using GitLab I had the same idea and put the goals of “GROW… INCREASING OScH DISTRIBUTION” into my own GitLab. I was about to delete project this when I realised I have 21 issues where as there are 14 under this tag in the community GitLab. Have these been missed on purpose or should I move them? I remember I talked to Greg at the time, I may have promised to move the rest of my issues and then never actually did it… sorry if this is the case.


Hi @julianstirling,

did you checked closed issues? Some of the items were closed due to being assigned to no one (maybe your version of the same issue has a person appointed to it?) or being a duplicate somehow…

could we ask you to have a quick check?



Nothing closed is tagged for mine, I checked.

I found some had been moved category:

  • Symposiums in scientific events on OScH — SUPPORT: INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT
  • Find teachers to test our materials — GROW: SIZE AND DIVERSITY OF OScH COM.
  • Scaling the Journal of Open Hardware — LEARN: SET COLLAB. RESEARCH AGENDA
  • Organize OScH movements in developing regions (Liberia) — GROW: SIZE AND DIVERSITY OF OScH COM

But I am still missing:

  • OScH for data, images, fluids analysis (Biotranslab) - Paula
  • Open source tools for showing the molecular colonization of hormones on our bodies and ecosystems -Mary Maggic
  • Kickstart (?) and produce our colorimeter w/ Shenzhen - Juanma


I would contact those folks directly, confirm that it’s ok, and if so we can include them -

  • OScH for data, images, fluids analysis (Biotranslab) - Paula On GitLab :slight_smile:
  • Open source tools for showing the molecular colonization of hormones on our bodies and ecosystems -Mary Maggic
  • Kickstart (?) and produce our colorimeter w/ Shenzhen - Juanma On GitLab :slight_smile:

I emailed Mary Maggic but got no response. I will leave this for now. And delete my old GitLab repo. We can always add the issue to the GOSH Roadmap repo later.


@julianstirling posting here and on GitLab has reminded me that it is (overdue) time to check in and see how people are doing and how the projects are going!

First thing I noticed is that some people still don’t have a Gitlab account. So I’ll try to ping them here again, but I would like suggestions on how to proceed in case nothing happens:

  • close the issue?
  • put a note that the issue is on hold until someone volunteers to pick it up ( in case it makes sense and maybe something to “offer” as an open issue on the next meeting?)

Pinging people (in case I just missed the fact that you already signed up, send me your gitlab handle):
@francois, @shannond, @pixel, @mariafrangos, @sam, @jeff, @Hail_Harry Kevin (which I don’t have the handle) Li Yu (don’t have the handle), @mennu20, @pia

Very sorry for the delay on following up on this one! but now I’ve messaged all issues, which I hope will nudge people in a friendly way to share updates!