GOSH 2022 - Introductions

Hi! I just made a quick thread where folks who are aiming to come to Panama for the next GOSH gathering can introduce themselves! so just reply to this and let us know who you are and why you like open science hardware! (and if you have a favorite tropical animal!)


Im andy! and I run Digital Naturalism Laboratories here in Gamboa panama. It’s about 30 minutes away in the rainforest from where the conference will be held. We help build open science hardware for field biologists who work out here, and we do workshops, exhibitions, and community events! We take in a lot of Gamboa’s garbage and shred it up and use it as prototyping materials too!


My favorite tropical animal is probably a toss-up between a tapir and an agouti (locally ñeque ), but luckily we also work at an animal rescue to make enrichment toys with an agouti and a tapir and they are my best friends (you can see them both in this video below)


I’m Mathew Lubari, Co-Founder and Executive Director @CC4DUganda, I live in Uganda as a refugee.

I love Open Source technology more especially hands on and making. we use #ASKotec to promote openness in learning, making and documentation. I have applied (hope to get selected) and interested to attend the gathering in Panama to share how open source hardware and science help refugees solve existing and new challenges but to learn, get exposure, network and possibility of synergy with others.
Click on #ASKotec kit to know more.


Hi everyone,I am Wafela Andrew from Uganda,a hardware and repair expert and also volunteering at The Youth Empowerment Foundation (YEF) one of the ASKnet (Access to skills and knowledge network) hub located in pagirinya refugee camp in northern Uganda in GitHub documentation,I am also a Mentee at Open Hardware Maker working on how to transform my radio transmitter project I had worked on early to a product presentable to an open society.I love open source and it will be a great opportunity to explore and learn more from other open source experts around the globe.


Hi! I’m John. I’m a Prof. at Boston College & teach Physical Computing to coding newbies using CircuitPython. We use 3 boards: CircuitPlayground Bluefruit, Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect, and the Raspberry Pi (3A+). If it’s every useful, all videos used in my class are on my YouTube channel starting with the CircuitPython intro videos: https://bit.ly/circuitpython-tutorials
Also if it’s useful: I teach a zero-to-full-stack course in Swift/iOS app development. That playlist is at:
I’m in Boston, so if you’re ever in town, say “Hi!”. Am always happy to meet up for a beverage. Also - I’m traveling to Malta & throughout Italy (Palermo, Rome, Florence & likely more) in June. Happy to meet anyone there, too. Cheers & see you in October!


Hello World :bulb: I’m Salman Faris from Kerala, INDIA. I work at Nebra and run a hardware maker community called MakerGram and help makers around Kerala to build electronics projects and products. I’m a computer science graduate had a diploma in digital fabrication from the fab academy. I work with electronics and programming for product prototyping as a passion. I have experience with rapid prototyping techniques, including hardware, electronics and software. Now days exploring tinyML and its possibilities.

While participating in the Shenzhen maker fair, I [accidentally] got to know GOSH. and I joined in the GOSH gathering event held in Seeedstudio X.factory in Shenzhen, and it was amazing from that day onwards. I was following GOSH activities. I’m very excited about the GOSH 2022 and looking forward to participating, contributing and collaborating. :slightly_smiling_face:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xsalfar , Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/salmanfarisvp/, Hackster: Salman Faris - Hackster.io, Github: salmanfarisvp (Salman Faris) · GitHub


Hi, I’m Andreas Siagian. I’m based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I’m an artist / engineer, mostly working on musical instrument building and other DIY electronics involving both analog circuits and digital microcontrollers. I love making workshop and design my own educational kits. I have a long collaboration with @dusjagr in geeking of anything, initiating something and organising both little and large things. We both was the co-director of Hackterialab 2014 in Yogyakarta organised by Hackteria and Lifepatch. I co-founded Lifepatch on 2012 and still active at the moment. My personal stuff can be found in instrumentasia.net, and my old blog at wordpress.


Hi, I’m Abdoul Kafid TOKO from Benin. I’m the GOSH - AfricaOSH Liaison, working to facilitate the flow of information between the Africa OSH community and the GOSH community.
I’m doing a Master’s degree in Collective Intelligence in Morocco. Doing research about group dynamics and performance using computational social science. I’m part of the APSOHA an association for open science in Africa and Haïti.


I’m Edgar Atamba, a Biomedical Engineering finalist at Makerere University Uganda. I mainly focus on research and innovation of medical equipment for low resource settings. I love open hardware and would surely love to attend the GOSH event to interact more with people in line with this and as well have an experience in Panama.


Hi everyone! I’m a Chilean Biotech Engineer working as a Product Researcher at OpenCell UK, a company dedicated to bringing down the entry barriers to Biotechnology. We aim to do this by designing and building low-cost, customisable biotech lab space with shared equipment, that’s flexible, modular and fully integrated with our LIMS system. We are currently working on the development of open-source IoT sensors to incorporate digitalization and data integration into these labs.

I’m really excited about meeting you in October! :grin: :tada:

Please feel free to reach out to me if you want to know more about what we do! (My email is javiera@opencell.bio, or feel free to connect on here or LinkedIn)


Hi everyone! My name is Bri (pronouns are they/she) and I am the community coordinator for GOSH. I’m currently based in Melbourne, Australia, and am super excited to attend my first GOSH Gathering!

Prior to working with the GOSH Community, I was involved in several citizen science initiatives at North Carolina State University, in the US. I also co-founded and co-host a podcast called Queer Science! and am a member of The International Society of Nonbinary Scientists (ISNBS).

I love meeting new people, and look forward to meeting some of you at the upcoming Gathering!


Hey all - I’m Greg, cofounder of Our Sci (our-sci.net). We’re focused on building tools to support community-driven science like surveystack.io and soilstack.io (software) and the Reflectometer and Soil Respiration Sensor (hardware) and other stuff, and we spend most of our time right now in the ag space with goatech.org and openteam.community and all the amazing folks there. My personal focus is on supporting and expand open technology in all its forms. My recent focus personally is on redesigning our lives so that human beings can get their time/space/soul back from the machine that is modern society… and also gardening :slight_smile:

I’ve helped organize GOSH in the past, and have tried to bring it’s ideas over to ag with GOAT which will happen also in October (hopefully) at a conference just north of NYC.

I think I can help others by bringing hardware-connecting software solutions like SurveyStack to handle the display, storage, sharing, and knowledge layers associated w/ hardware (open source of course!!!).

I’m appreciative for all the hard work organizing this and it brings me immense joy to see people passionate about open science hardware. Can’t wait to make new friends and learn and get inspired and see amazing stuff!


Hello World, I am Paul from BOngoTech & Research Labs in Tanzania, and we`re specialised in electromechanical, we use open source hardware tools to develop our products and solutions. Our solutions are then shared with the community to enhance the well-being of our society. It’s my pleasure to e-meet all of you intelligent workers.


Hello world . I am Maliamungu Richard, an open technologies community training and resource development engineer,
working to serve and strengthen my community. As a South Sudanese refugee living and working in Uganda
I lead workshops in device repair, IT and access to information, sustainable development and life skills
training across numerous communities in Northern Uganda and South Sudan. Often in cooperation with
national and international organisations my goals are towards effective peacebuilding. Through research,
innovation and application of open source and IT skills for community development, I act as a lead
consultant in the use of the #ASKotec – Access to Skills and Knowledge open tech emergency case, a handson training kit for off-grid and remote region, aimed at the improvement of quality of life, knowledge sharing
and strengthening of education.

Let’s connect here ;

Instagram: @maliamungurichard. Instagram

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaliamunguRich4?t=9w7pvt28d4qtfPGKUjv7kg&s=09


Hi GOSHers,

My name is Edwin En-Te Hwu, Assoc. Prof. at the Department of Health Technology in Danish Technical University. Recently I started to open source my developments on nanotechnology-related instruments.

12 types of open source low cost 3D printable nanopositioners, from thumb-size actuator to 18 axes nano-probing station, used in German National Metrology Institute (PTB), Danish Technical University (DTU), National Taiwan University (NTU), Academia Sinica, etc…

Mechanical/electrical CAD and Arduino-based controller designs are now published in Hardware X and make it open source for everyone.

More open-source nanopositioners in action videos

You might also like:

  1. Hacking optics from data storage drives for scientific applications:
    Hacking CD/DVD/Blu-ray for Biosensing

  2. Hacking XBOX360 for micro/nanoscale high resolution 3D printing:
    Micro and nanoscale 3D printing using optical pickup unit from a gaming console

  3. Using DVD optics for Nano-, Micro-, Milli-Newton to several Newtons force measurements:
    Open-source force analyzer with broad sensing range based on an optical pickup unit

My LinkedIn, Twitter, G Scholar



I’m Simon, I lead two innovation spaces in the Western Region of Ghana, all within Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipality, one is based in the community and the other within the University of Mines and Technology, which seeks to create a platform for all year round innovative thinking and problem solving and also commercialization of research from both staff and students.

I love tinkering with machines, am employed at the University as a Senior ICT Assistant. I am also the programs manager for the Ghana Hubs Network, working on building a centralized database system for effective decision making and data analysis to harness the networks resources for growth and advocacy. Implementing this program through a nationwide hackathon.
Really excited and looking forward to seeing you all in Panama


Hi! My name is Alejo Bonifacio and I am from Argentina. I study the freshwater environmental degradation and its effects on biota, and I think that Open Science is the best option for communities and scientists. Thus, I am exploring different OSH tools for these studies. On one hand, data loggers based in microcontrolers (GitHub - Open-Hardware-Leaders/LoRa-Data-Loggers-for-environmental-quality) and on the other hand, very low cost tools to get information from these environments (🎈 Public Lab: alejobonifacio).
My favorite tropical animal is the Coquí, a little frog form Central America and also and open tool for measuring water conductivity (https://publiclab.org/notes/warren/03-01-2019/build-a-sound-generating-coqui-conductivity-sensor).


Hello everyone,

I’m Pen (full name Pen-Yuan Hsing but I know it’s hard to pronounce), one of the GOSH Community Council members 2021-2023. Click here for more details about me from my candidate statement last year.

I started a citizen science project for wildlife monitoring and in the last 5-ish years have become much more active in open source software/hardware communities, which led to to GOSH.

I am also eager to promote open science best practices. To that end, I’ve contributed to the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science, among other things.

One open science hardware project I’d really like to work on is adding stereoscopic abilities to motion-triggered camera traps to improve wildlife monitoring. By using the depth-map made from stereo images, we can obtain data useful for estimating animal populations that would otherwise be very labour intensive to get. Check out this thread if you’re interested in this topic.

My dream for the GOSH Gathering this October in Panama is to run the Cut, Copy, and Paste workshop with everyone. It is a hands-on activity designed to give participants a holistic appreciation for the freedoms of reuse, study, remixing, and sharing that underlies open source work. Let me know if you’re interesting in doing this with me!!

P.S. I plan to be in the Netherlands in late June, who knows maybe @gallaugher can meet up some place in the middle?


Hi everyone,
I’m Pablo, one of the reGOSH Community member and coordinator of Mendoza node, together with @nanocastro.
I’m a physics teacher at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, where I make open science hardware for teaching science:

We are also working on open science hardware for the Agroecology Lab in coordination with @gbathree and other pals from GOSH as well.
As some of you may already know, we’ve been granted the GOSH Funding to organize a regional event in September in Mendoza. Call for the gathering is still open!
Hope to meet you in Panama.


Hi everyone!

I’m Katie, and I’m the Director of Policy Initiatives at the Open Environmental Data Project (OEDP), where I support communities, researchers, and government in redesigning and opening up environmental data systems to strengthen policy, accountability, and civic participation in science and governance.

I’m a bit new to the open hardware world, but have worked in open science for a long time (formerly at BITSS, focused on social science transparency and reproducibility. I’ve also worked in agricultural science and policy.

Excited to meet people and connect around getting open hardware and science into policy and community organizing spaces!