GOSH 2022 - Introductions

Hi everyone,
I am Karl Kaddu. I am a science communications practitioner. I work with grassroots communities and schools in promoting indigenous knowledge, STEM and open science practices, and open hardware with graduate and artisanal centres in Uganda. I am currently managing the communications portfolio of the Environment for Development where we advocate for sustainable environmental investments in the Global South.

A monkey will always be favourite monkey.


Hi All, I’m Gameli Adzaho from Ghana. My interest in open hardware stems from increasing access to low-cost sensors for community environmental monitoring and improvement, as well as its potential in transforming STEAM Education. I’m currently with JOGL as a Program Manager, leading the Africa Chapter. at JOGL, we’re organising Just One Giant Summit to bring together actors in Community Science and Innovation around the world together, thanks to GOSH and other partners. Before this I was part of the Critical Maker group at Weizenbaum Institute, a public health project coordinator, and a science teacher. I lead Global Lab Network, which embraces the open ethos to build a community of students and STEAM professionals for social impact in Ghana and beyond.


Hi, I’m Alexandra on behalf of the Zalmotek team from Bucharest, Romania! :smiley:

We are a hardware prototyping company and besides the work we do for clients we like to spend our free time creating open-source hardware projects and sharing them with the community. You can follow our work on Hackster, Hackaday and on our social media:



Maker and embedded engineer with an eye for details, 2022 Ada Lovelace Fellow (Fellowship - 2022 Open Hardware Summit), active member of the OSH community, passionate about mixing aesthetics and functionality when building electronics. I have developed hardware prototypes for various industries as part of the Zalmotek team, previously working as a STEAM educator, and I am also currently part of the Harkopen team (https://harkopen.com/). My favorite projects to work on are wearables and anything involving colorful LEDs, tiny microcontrollers, Edge ML, and PCB design. I also doodle at PikaComics, a comic that aims to teach electronics in a fun way.

My favourite tropical animal is the Capybara. :")


Maker and Product manager at Zalmotek and Harkopen, with a wealth of experience in open-source hardware. Formerly trained as a biomedical engineer, I have worked on various projects, from graphic design, STEAM education, industrial automation, and designing medical devices. In his spare time, to get away from the screens, Mihnea likes to do leatherworking and read about behavioral biology.

My favorite tropical animal is the Echidna.


Entrepreneur for over 10 years (cofounded an IoT startup, a STEM education company that delivered courses to over 3000 children, and Zalmotek.com, an OSH prototyping company) Passionated about biohacking and transhumanism, I experimented with an NFC implanted in my hand and many other personal projects.

My favorite tropical animal is the Lemur.


Hi all! I’m Emilio from El Salvador. This is my first GOSH event (finally!) so I’m very excited to finally join you! I am currently the executive director of Appropedia, a wiki for sustainability. We publish research that is mostly linked to open source appropriate technology. I’m very passionate about documentation and increasing science reproducibility.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all!


Hello Everyone,

This is Gunarakulan Gunaretnam from Sri Lanka.

I am the Co-founder of Deep11 (A Software Solution Startup) and the gaurdian the of Software Lab at DreamSpace Academy (A Community-based research center).

I am very excited to participate in this event, I hope, I can learn so many wonderful things from this event to explore more in my life.

My Social Links

Thank you!


Hi everyone. I’m Cere (pronounced “sara”).

I’m excited to get to know everyone here. I’m originally from the US but live part-time in Germany while I finish up a Masters degree in Philosophy of Science.

I’m interested in lots of different art/science/nature/philosophy/etc/etc/etc. I have made science-art and kinetic sculpture exhibits in the past and hope to come back to that in some way shape or form
Youtube (mostly) art videos
I have an academic background in physics from long ago and I miss hands-on tinkering and want to get back to fiddling with electronics and investigating some questions I have about what can and cannot easily be measured, interacted with, and used as an energy source in nature using radio and electronic technology.

Here’s my social media stuff. I tend to post a fair amount of comedy and politics as this is what keeps me sane in an insane world.



Hello, My name is Chris Mushi from ARUSHA Tanzania. I work for Twende Innovation Centre as a Creativity trainer. Twende impowers local communities especially youth with hands-on design workshops so they can solve their local technology challenges (more local solutions to local challenges )
We also have a STEAM program we call it “build-it” of which student get the chance to make a simple technology {device} to reflect what they theoretically learn in school and how a certain topic may be useful in real life
Can’t wait meeting you.


It’s a pleasure to get to know you all my name is Lenin Rueda. I am a medical technologist based in Peru and I work for peru’s national health institute. My research focuses on environmental health and I would like to develop open source tools for the measurement of heavy metals in different biological matrices. I am part of a reGOSH.

I am part of reGOSH where I am working in a low-cost environmental monitor. I would really like to make connections for future projects regarding environmental health and diagnostics using open science hardware. Looking forward to get to know you all, learn a lot, make long lasting collaborations and help the open science movement growing in Latin America!


Pleasure Pablo I work with environmental health in Brazil and scientific diplomacy Universidade de São Paulo. It will be a pleasure to be able to help… contact me for my whatsapp


Hello Everyone,

My name is Linda and I work for Kumasi Hive, and I was part of the organizing members of the two Africa OSH general gatherings in Ghana and Tanzania, I’m a bit new to the GOSH community and it’s policies.

Excited to meet, learn, connect with people around, and get open hardware and science into policy and community organizing spaces!


Hi folks,
My name is Tarunima. I am part technologist, part policy wonk. I spend most of my time at Tattle which is a FOSS project for misinformation response in India. I attended GOSH 2018 and absolutely loved the community. Over the last few years my (little) involvement with OSH has been on the policy front. The lack of consistent involvement from Asia/Asians in GOSH (and other similar venues) continues to remain a mystery to me. Looking forward to a lot of enriching conversations on this and other issues at the event!


Hi, I am m byron from Ecuador, I work in VLSI systems (Microchips), and once a year ago at my University designed the first microchip in Ecuador, now we realized that one of the problems in the VLSI design is the excessive cost of the EDA tools and the restrictive NDA between foundries and users. We want establish a fully open-source flow to develop more microchips involving more universities in the region.


I’m super excited to have someone to Appropedia! Such an awesome resource and exciting to see ways we can contribute. Welcome @emiliovelis !


Just popping in to say that this is super cool. Hope you can explain to me more about what I can and cannot do with this someday.


Hi! I am a molecular microbiologist based near Lausanne Switzerland. I founded a public service group AGiR! Action for Genomic integrity through Research! in 2013 and learned about the open public lab Hackuarium in around 2015, where I have become more and more involved in this exciting world of open science and participatory research. My long term aim is to become a real expert at science communication, so I do better at convincing people to make better choices for our future. I was very lucky to participate in GOSH2018 in Shenzhen, where I discovered the openflexure microscope, which we hope will provide the platform for our ‘cheek cell chip’ to open source DNA damage detection! (using inner cheek cells). Hoping everything works out well, so I can meet more GOSHers in Panama later in the year! Let me know if you might be near Lausanne - Hackuarium has open nights every Wednesday!


Hi everyone, I’m Shannon. I’m the co-founder of EnviroDIY, an online community for sharing hardware, software, and other resources for low-cost environmental science and monitoring. I’m also the inventor of the EnviroDIY Mayfly Data Logger, an open source Arduino-based logger that has been used by thousands of people around the world for the past 5 years. I’ve also taught many dozens of workshops to show people how easy it is to program, build, and deploy a water monitoring station using our hardware, so I can bring a handful of Mayfly Loggers with me to the gathering so people can experiment with them. I can also share our experience of what it’s like to manage and support a large open source hardware and software project, and all of the challenges that can occur. I attended GOSH 2017 in Santiago and learned a lot and met so many great people, so I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone in Panama this year!