Anyone wants to run a Cut, Copy, and Paste workshop?

I mentioned in my post in the “GOSH 2022 Introductions” thread that I’d love to run the :scissors: Cut, Copy, and Paste workshop at our upcoming Gathering in Panama. It is a hands-on activity designed to give participants a holistic appreciation for the freedoms of reuse, study, remixing, and sharing that underlies open source work. The materials available at the Gathering will be adequate to run this workshop.

Here’s what it could look like:

By the end of this workshop filled with arts and crafts, participants will have collaboratively made a zine with an understanding of version control, open source licenses, etc. I’ve always dreamed of running this workshop!

However, I can no longer lead on this because I’m involved in governance discussions to be had there and planning to run a workshop/unconference session with @Harold, @hikinghack, and @laola et al. on our :camera_flash: camera trap hacking efforts.

Therefore, I want to put the Cut, Copy, and Paste workshop here again in case there is interest from someone else who would like to make it happen!! If you are willing to lead on this, I’m happy to support in a limited capacity…

:mask: :mask: :mask: Everyone stay healthy, and see you next week! :tada: