GOSH 2021 policy briefs

Hi everyone!

Throughout 2021, members of the GOSH community have been hosting a series of writing workshops to develop guidance on OScH aimed at research funders, technology transfer offices (TTOs), and science policymakers. During these workshops, policy briefs were created in situ to be distributed to target audiences via specialist press outlets, specific events, and the GOSH community network. You can find out more about these writing workshops here.

TTO Workshops & Policy Brief #1

The first two workshops of this series, held on March 8th and April 14th of 2021, convened open hardware practitioners and technology transfer officers to discuss the potential of open hardware for TTOs. You can read more about these two workshops in this blog post written by @jarancio.

I am excited to share the resulting policy brief, “OPEN HARDWARE IS READY TO HELP TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OFFICES MAXIMISE THE IMPACT OF ACADEMIC RESEARCH,” which you can access here. Please do share widely within your networks :slight_smile:

I will be using this thread to announce future briefs as well, which I look forward to sharing soon!

-Bri :smiley:


This is exactly the type of document I need to explain what open source hardware licensing is about when I talk to admin people here. It is excellent to all this info compiled in one good-looking document!
I am sending this one right now to the R&D office here…