Convening GOSH Roadmap Policy Writing Sprint Focused on International Policy

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In February, I shared that members of the GOSH Community are organising a series of writing sprints to bring forward recommendations in the GOSH Community Roadmap: namely to develop guidance on Open Science Hardware (OScH) aimed at research funders, technology transfer offices (TTOs), and international policy. You can see the original forum post here. The first writing workshop, focused on developing guidance on supporting open science hardware for TTOs, was convened this past Monday and was quite a success!

Several recommendations were made in the GOSH Roadmap Support Section around science policy, specifically at the international level. Below is text from the GOSH Roadmap related to the topic of international policy:

INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT: Ensuring that OScH is part of Open Science conversations… at multiple levels, from academic promotion boards to national and international funder policies.

GROW: Key priorities to grow this community are:… 2) advocating for OScH within established institutions and ensuring OScH is supported by policy makers

The third and final writing sprint in this series of writing workshops will be convened in May 2021 and focus on international policy, for an audience who are involved in policy making and are able to discuss broad recommendations for open hardware on a global level. If you have experience in these areas, we invite you to co-convene this upcoming workshop. You can express your interest in the workshop via the Forum or by sending an email to

The focus of this workshop will not be on national or regional specific policy, so if you are looking to translate policy to specific regions, there may be opportunities to do so at a different time.

For example, once the Community Council is seated to put in place a community application process, an open call will be made for any member of the GOSH community to apply for funding for workshops on different areas of policy and research that can help make open science hardware ubiquitous by 2025. This may be a great opportunity to host regional workshops focused on national/regional policymaking.

These workshops are convened by GOSH community members, funded by Alfred P Sloan Foundation and coordinated by Gathering for Open Science Hardware Inc, a US-based nonprofit. You can find more information in the Summary of GOSH Sloan Foundation-Funded Activities 2020-22 document. 1

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