Community Council meeting summary 2021-11-17

Dear GOSH Community Forum,

Below is a summary of the GOSH Community Council meeting at 22:00 UTC on Wednesday, 17 November 2021. As before, feedback is appreciated and please give feedback on if this is too much/little detail!

GOSH Community Council meeting summary 2021-11-17

Facilitator: @briannaljohns
Scribe: @hpy


  • For the next in-person GOSH, the most possible locations are now Nepal or Panama. We are in talks with potential hosts in both locations about the details. A couple back up locations are also available.
  • Next GOSH community call is at 14:00 UTC on 18 November 2021, please come!

Agenda item 1 - Upcoming deadlines for regional funding and collaborative development program

I.e. continued planning on how to best disburse the money from the Sloan foundation grant.

The members of the Community Council will be split into two groups to work on this next week in lieu of a full council meeting:

  • @mariafrangos, @julianstirling, and @biomakers_lab will put together a form with design notes for the collaborative development program.
  • @hikinghack, @laola, and @hpy will put together a form with design notes for regional funding.
  • The two groups will be mindful of how to define eligibility, platform for the form, who we ask to review, plan out what’s gonna happen with proposed solutions and other logistics.

Agenda item 2 - Working Groups (WGs) discussion

  • @lizbarry has amazingly put together a draft constitution for the GOSH Community Council, which includes a section that proposes a system for GOSH Working Groups (WGs): ad-hoc and Council-backed WGs.
  • We discussed things such as how the WGs derive their mandates, following the code of conduct, etc. We can learn from other organisations like OSHWA or Biosummit.
  • Without going into the whole constitution, we will work on the WGs section for now so that tasks can be delegated to WGs soon.

Action items summarised by @briannaljohns :

  • We’re gonna work on the things from Agenda item 1 above.
  • @lizbarry will continue working on the working groups section of the draft constitution.
  • @julianstirling will reply to Thomas regarding Just One Giant Lab and discussing how we might learn from their peer-review process for funding.

That’s all folks!

Has this summary been useful for you? Please chime in below!

P.S. Notes from previous meeting here.


Thanks to everyone for all their work on this, and I do find the summary very useful.