Community Council meeting summary 2021-11-04

Dear GOSH Community Forum,

In light of recent discussions on this forum and within the GOSH Community Council, I am honored to be the first to post here a summary of our latest meeting today. Note that this is meant to be a short summary, but please give feedback on if this is too much/little detail!

GOSH Community Council meeting summary 2021-11-04


  • The organising team of the next in-person GOSH 2022 has narrowed down the list of possible locations (see this post!!). Right now, the locations with possible hosters are, in no particular order:
    • Panama
    • Bangladesh
    • United States (we acknowledged this is a particularly difficult location for many of us to reach)
  • We have been discussing the grant from the Sloan Foundation and how to utlilise it. An important part of this discussion is initiating a listening process with the GOSH community to help figure this out. We will start this process in the next week or two.
    • Also, we should have a broader listening process to initiate a GOSH dialogue over developing the Community Council governance structure.

Agenda item 1 - Meeting notes archiving

  • We discussed a workflow for managing Community Council meeting notes for transparency and good archiving.
    • @julianstirling will set up a GitLab repository for older raw meeting notes, while the Etherpad pad will have more recent meetings.
    • The scribe (notetaker) for each meeting will post a summary to the forums (that’s me @hpy for today!)
    • Scribe will also make sure that nothing is deleted from the Etherpad pad until it is archived in the GitLab repository.
  • We unanimously agreed to this plan.

Agenda item 2 - Sloan Foundation grant

  • We’ve previously agreed to have in place by December 2021 a process for GOSH community members to apply for funding from the Sloan grant for (A) projects and (B) running regional events. December is happening soon so we really need to work on this.
  • Discussed if and how we can work with Just One Giant Lab (JOGL), such as their community peer-review process of funding or their open source platform. → For now we are inclined to learn from and adapt their funding application process for GOSH, but probably run it ourselves instead of the JOGL platform.

Next week’s agenda

  • Review the criteria/values that a prospective sponsor should meet in order to sponser GOSH 2022
  • Define the process and eligibility for applicants for the GOSH Sloan funding
  • What would applications look like?

That’s all folks!

Do you think a summary of the Community Council’s meeting like this is helpful? Please chime in below!


really happy to follow summaries here!
And i know it’s a lot of work, so thanks a lot.