Community Council meeting summary 2021-12-08

Dear GOSH Community Forum,

Below is a summary of the GOSH Community Council meeting at 22:00 UTC on Wednesday, 8 December 2021. As always, feedback is appreciated!

GOSH Community Council meeting summary 2021-12-08

Facilitator: @briannaljohns
Scribe: @hpy/@lizbarry


  • We are coordinating with @shannond and @jcm80 on the upcoming regional event and collaborative development funding calls to make sure that admin side of disbursing the funds will work fine.
  • The next in-person GOSH Global Gathering will be in Panama!
    • Still working out specifics, like legal things and a Memoradum of Understanding (MOU).
  • Latest Community Call was a success, please continue to attend and bring your friends and family!
  • Next GOSH newsletter is coming soon.
  • Thomas who founded Just One Giant Lab (JOGL) has kindly offered to chat to us about methods for reviewing funding. Thank you!
  • We’re continuing to make progress on drafting a constitution that formalises the GOSH Community Council and how GOSH working groups (WGs) work.

Agenda item 1 - Set a process and standards for new charities to be officially affiliated with GOSH

  • We mulled over how to set what kinds of criteria to evaluate whether we e.g. would want a particular group to be affiliated with, or even sponsor, GOSH or a GOSH event. It gets complicated.
  • So, right now we think the Community Council will set high level principles.
    • Then, for the organisers of a particular event, they can decide what affiliations/sponsorships they are willing to accept as long as a good justification is provided and does not obviously go against the principles.
  • @laola suggested iGem and Biosummit which have experience with this stuff. We can learn from them.

Agenda item 2 - Working session on collaborative development grant

(some Community Council members couldn’t make today’s meeting to do this, but they are working outside of this meeting on it, and we’ll continue this at next week’s meeting 2021-12-15)

Action items summarised by @briannaljohns:

  1. @briannaljohns will check in with the collaborative development group
  2. @hpy will follow up with Thomas about JOGL
  3. @laola will reach out and invite people in her region to join the regional funding review group
  4. Community Council members who haven’t yet will introduce themselves in this thread
  5. Regional funding group will get their final draft of the application to @jcm80 and @shannond
  6. Share meeting summary on the forum → this post is it!

We will have one more Community Council meeting in 2021 on 2021-12-15. After that, the next meeting will nominally be on 2022-01-05.

That’s all folks!

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P.S. Summary from previous meeting here.