UROŠ updates: DIY microscopy revisited

We have started with our UROŠ Temporary Lab in Maribor, @gaudi and @pin have arrived, and we continously collaborate online with our researchers in other parts of the world, @nanocastro @squaresolid @TAKE @julianC @Fran . Ping us here as reply if you also want to join the global remote research group!

Finally we got around to revisit some of our older webcam DIY microscope projects. Documenting on the hackteria wiki.

Fluorescence Microscope
Also we are releasing the new design of a 3d printable fluorescence microscope.

Soil Microscopy
We will have another meeting on Friday, 15th Oct, 14:00 CEST to discuss the use of low-cost microscopes for workshops on studying microscopic life in soils, a little fanzine in the making…

DIY Microscopes All-Stars Gallery
Now also putting together a collection of all those low-cots / open / DIY microscope setups:


Cool! I’m following the activities from distance. Keep posting!

Currently I do not have much time at hand though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of interest, what microscopes are there? Also optical? And in the case of the fluorescence ones, do you use some fluorophores?

How can I join the call on Friday?

If people want to join our calls, follow the calendar in the wiki.

All the online interactions are on our BigBlueButton. We regularly meet on Mondays, 15:00 CEST: