October community call: Reflections on Ubiquitous Rural Open Science Hardware (UROŠ) local residency!

The next GOSH community call will take place on 28 October from 21:00 - 22:00 UTC. Be sure to join us for community updates and presentations from community members!

This community call will feature reflections from @dusjagr and others from the Ubiquitous Rural Open Science Hardware (UROŠ) community, which is currently hosting a local group residency from October 5-25. They’ll discuss topics of “Rural” Open Science Hardware, project developments, workshop modules, the art of collaboration, and more activities to happen in Spring 2022.

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I’ll be sharing an agenda for this meeting next week :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

The next GOSH Community Call is today (28 October) at 21:00 UTC! Here is the agenda for the call:


  • Welcome & Participation Guidelines
  • Presentation
    • Marc (@dusjagr) presents reflections on UROS
    • Follow up discussion and questions
  • Community Updates
    • Community members are invited to provide any updates they have to the community
  • Adjourn

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I look forward to seeing some of you at the call!


Looking forward to share our recent experiences in hosting / coordinating a regional event, including a group fo remote researchers, local temporary hacklab with international guests, expeditions to other projects in the region and upcoming continuation of our collaborative research.

UROŠ intra-actions - ROŠA - Rural Open ScienceHardware + Art
See our notes, links, schedules and more on the hackteria wiki:

We see this experience very much in the line of earlier discussion in the GOSH network, (see notes on GOSH nodes / GROLScH) , which we held already since summer 2017, that our community needs to find ways to support project developments, long term durational residencies and regional small scale gatherings / outreach promoting the vision of GOSH and more.

We had 15k € support from a Slovenian EU funded network konS -platform for investigative art and still have a few more months and 30% of the funds to continue over the coming months, hopefully leading to a regional gathering / symposium involving more people locally and globally coming spring.

Our collaborators came from various parts of the globe, @nanocastro , @gaudi , @squaresolid , @pin , @TAKE , @fran , @hortense , @miranda , and from the local hacklab @rob , @miha , @modri-brothers , @monika

We revisited a few existing projects in the GOSH and hackteria networks, shared with each other recent developments, improved designs and documentations and looked into the possible applications of those technologies in a more rural setting of permaculture, gardening, horti/agriculture, soil analysis, wine / beer fermenting and more.
Amongst others:

  • Hackteria’s DIY microscopes 2.0, New camera modules?
  • GlowScope aka 3d printable fluorescence microscope
  • RasPi cams vs webcams?
  • improved CO2 soil respiration chambers
  • new CO2 sensors (SCD41) and PCB for breakout board
  • soil microscopy booklet in English and Spanish
  • minor improvements to open fiber spectrometer
  • sharing recent developments on LAMP for GMO detection in food
  • improved fluorescence reader for LAMP
  • pee bateries
  • chicken research
  • ornamental fish farming integration
  • and as always… making synths and experimenting with noise music

Summarizing Discussion
We had a 1h moderated live discussion to summarize the Temporary Lab in Maribor. Partially in Slovenen and mostly in English, a little bit in Spanish.
See it here:

And yes, we got some really nice hats!

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The community call is happening now! Click here to join the call.

Dangit, i did my UTC math wrong, and showed up too late :frowning:
sorry i missed it!

No worries, @hikinghack, hope to see you at the next one!

For those who weren’t able to make it, you can read the notes from the call here. We also recorded the discussion and reflections on UROŠ, which you can watch here!